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What are Tag Management Systems, and why should developers care about them?
A  Tag  Management  System, also known as a TMS is a web based tool, that cuts down on implementation time used for analytics/marketing tools.  The amount of time the develop can be saved actually grows based on the number of tools you use.  Each tool ha...

Is there a way to have multiple middleware instances do replacements with the response being sent back?

Anyone know where I can buy nibs for the stylus. Apparently the nib fell out of my stylus and is no where to be found.

As developers we need to step up, think about how you measure success.

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Anyone have a cube 3? Is there free software out there that will allow you to add supports?? Also is there a hack available to use bulk filament?

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Brining the back-end to the front-end
The latest trend in web seems to be moving the back-end forward.  JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS  and a new Service called Back&  are eliminating the back-end/middleware.  Taking the pieces of code that either interactive with databases or web service...

Post has attachment Ruins Halloween!!
Steer clear of   On July 13, 2014 my mother placed an order for the Anna/Elsa dresses that were on pre-order as she wanted to get the Anna/Elsa dresses for my twin daughters (age 2) so we directed her there as the reviews of the company...

MultiThreaded task. Is it possible?

Using the qunit task, is it possible to run multiple tests in parallel?
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