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Small Business Websites and Local SEO
Small Business Websites and Local SEO


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Business M8 Launches at The Women's Organisation in Liverpool

I'm really (really!) excited to be part of Business M8 and the first ever meeting at The Women's Organisation in Liverpool.

Business M8 is organised by +Andy Guile and +Bear Behind Events Management He's gathered together a group of experts from all walks of business who you can consult for 30 minutes on 18th April 2016.

I'll be there with my "social media" hat on but I'm also very happy to answer questions on local search too.

If you have a "how the hell do I..?" or "what's the point in..?" or even "why should I..?" question you want to ask or simply some straight talking, no bull, no guru speak, Jan chat about how to get your business more visible online - book 30 minutes with me!

Where else can you get 30 minute consultations with 4 experts for just £35? Not to mention coffee and networking with other local business owners too.

Book today at

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Learn how to control your business name in Google search #reputationmanagement #branding

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Easily power up your posts and pages with these image ‪#‎SEO‬ tips.
Number 5 is essential - do you do it?

7 Image Optimisation Tips For Search And Social Media

With a bit of forethought optimising your images, you can really give your posts and pages some muscle and get them working harder for you.

* Choose the right file type for the job
* Resize images before uploading
* Compress your images
* Rename your images with useful file names
* Use image alt tags
* Use open graph tags
* Check your images display well on social media

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31 Inspiring  Business Blog Post Ideas for the New Year

There's no doubt that a blog can be a significant benefit for your business.  If you're stuck for post ideas, this list will help kick start your creative juices!

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It's all change in local search again

It's been on the cards a while, the new look local search listings have rolled out worldwide.

I've not had time to dig deep, but here in the UK I'm seeing some very wide results.  When doing a local search, you generally expect to see a business in the same town.   One even had half of northern Europe and all of the UK in the map area!  That's just taking the mick...

What's different?

* Obviously, there are only 3 results now instead of 7
* To get a business phone number you need to click through to the local viewer
* Only road names are displayed rather than full addresses in many cases (not displayed if address is hidden)
* No links through to Google+ Pages
* Website and directions (when available) are clearly linked

Personally, I find it clunky and inefficient.  The really wide areas pulled up in some cases with just a road name without a full address means actually checking the map rather than scanning results to see if a business is actually close.  The extra clicking is annoying to get a contact number.

I'm not impressed, Google you don't even get a C for effort with this change.

+Mike Blumenthal gives a great run-down of changes over on his blog.  Early comments are an interesting read too.

#localsearch   #snakpak   #localpack   #googlelocal  

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7 Ways To Take Control Of Your Facebook News Feed

Sorry for using the F word here on G+!  

Since joining BizMums and becoming the Widnes Host, I've found myself snarling more and more at the Facebook News Feed.  BizMums is very Facebook heavy, I've gone from barely paying attention to using my personal profile most days.

The upside of course, is I am using the Facebook more like my clients and I see first hand the pain points rather than over someone's shoulder!

Over on the blog, I share 7 ways you can take back control of your News Feed.  Some are more successful than others. Use several techniques to give you more of what you want to see.

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Still not verified your Google My Business Local Page?

Well it's time to get a move on if you want to keep your local G+ Page.

As always, nothing is ever quite what it seems with the Big G.  Data will still be available in Maps and Search - verified or not.  It will likely mean finding that data will be tougher, digging out duplicates and troubleshooting will be tougher.  

See also this post on the Local Search Forum

Time to stock up on calming music or more coffee/alcohol when it comes to local search troubleshooting?

#localsearch   #googlemybusiness   #googlelocal  

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UK Local Twitter Chat Hashtags (An Almost Ultimate List)

Local Twitter chats are a great way to meet new people and businesses in your area.  All you need to get started is a Twitter account and a chat to take part in.

In this post, there's 10 top tips for participating in local Tweet Chats and I've dusted off my spreadsheet of local Twitter hours.

Can't find your favourite UK local Twitter hour? Tweet me on @jankearney and I'll add it to the list if there's an active host.

Many thanks to the original contributors to this list - it's been a while, but I've not forgotten!
+Drew Patterson +Donna Beckett +Mark Tillison +Michelle Masters  +Elite Cleaning Ltd. +Kerry Field +Kaelia Preston 

#twittermarketing   #twittertips   #localbusiness  

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A Very Monty Python Guide To Email Spam Filters

This infographic did have me chuckling over my coffee, I had to share on my blog.

All silly business aside, if you use email marketing in your business the tips on the infographic will help your mail reach its intended recipient.

#emailmarketing   #emailmarketingtips  

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How To Share And Comment Around The Web As Your Google Plus Page

Once you've created a Google My Business Page (either brand or local) it's likely you'll want to increase the visibility and recognition of your Page by commenting on or sharing articles you read around the web.

You'll discover when you try to comment on G+ comment enabled blogs or share as your Page that you are logged in as your G+ Profile.  How do you switch from your Profile to your Page?  

You need to create a Google Account for your Page

The video in this blog post explains how to do just that.

#googleplustips   #googlemybusiness  
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