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Heather Hollick
Making the world a better place to work.
Making the world a better place to work.

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Bad news: People only ever pay you what they think you're worth. Good news: You control their thinking.

Treat yourself to a 10 minute self-improvement splurge today and go watch Casey Brown’s insightful TED Talk on clearly defining and communicating your value. Casey’s tagline is worth having embossed on a poster: No one will ever pay you what you’re worth.…

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A few networking tips from yours truly: 6 Ways to Up Your Networking Game

I was recently featured as a guest blogger on the AICPA website. I used to be afraid of networking. As an avowed introvert with a moderate case of shyness, too often I would pass up opportunities to meet and connect with people. Much later in life I would…

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Every resume tells a story. Actually, if you do it right, every resume tells four to seven stories, but I’m getting ahead of my self. Getting hired is first and foremost, a sales job. Selling anything is hard. Selling yourself is the hardest. This is what…

Errant notifications.

I have been getting notifications for an area that I visited 6 months ago. I am far way from that area now.

I have Forecast Bar installed on my phone, watch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. As far as I can tell, all of the installations are set to show notifications for current location only. How can remove this former location from Forecast Bar's memory?


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Strange cloud formation photographed over Washington D.C. immediately after the Virginia earthquake.

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Happy birthday to me!

Any guesses on what the birthday fairy brought me this year? Here's a hint.
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