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Google Earth, Maps & Places Tips
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as of 01/04/14 at 15:58: 12/718 1. Deerling  - Roponggi Dori (Pokemon Lab), Grand Hyatt, Japan 2. Croagunk – Near Pokemon Lab, Japan 3. Squirtle – Near Pokemon Lab, Japan 4. Hoot Hoot – Near Pokemo...
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Place Recommendations in Google Maps!
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Article about place recommendations in Google Maps.  #GoogleMapsRecs  
Discover new places based on your reviews, your Google+ circles, and expert reviewers.
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Mapping Flight MH370 in Google Earth!
#mh370   #malaysianairlines   #googleearth  
As the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues to baffle those searching for it, tools such as this crowdsourced effort to scour satellite imagery are helping in the effort.

Along those lines, Stefan Geens at Ogle Earth has put together some impressive maps to try to narrow down where the flight may have ended up.
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Get Google Maps Lite, 3D Or Classic With These URLs - "...The new Google Maps fully launched a couple weeks ago and some users want to be able to go back and forth between the new and the old version." ...Read more:
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This is what Google Earth would look like with live video! - "...Outside of select government and military applications, on demand satellite imagery and video is still little more than a dream. But a few startups are working on tackling that problem, and we're getting to see the first fruits of their labor." ...Read more:
#googleearth   #google   #video   #satelliteimagery  
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no mogloby juz tak to dzialac :)
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Exploring the Colorado River on Google Earth!
#googleearth   #coloradoriver   #streetview  
Over the years Google has taken Street View to some interesting places, including locations such as Venice and under the surface of the ocean. They’ve now added a trip down the Colorado River, and it looks amazing!
Over the years Google has taken Street View to some interesting places, including locations such as Venice and under the surface of the ocean. They’ve now added a trip down the Colorado River, and it looks amazing! In showcasing the new imagery Google invited the Senior Vice President of Conservation at American River, Chris Williams, …
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Google Earth and Sea Levels!
#googleearth   #climatechange  
A new study released recently by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the University of Innsbruck includes some impactful visualizations of what sea level rise could mean to various historic sites over the next 2000 years. 
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Google Maps gives users new images of Hawaii beaches, trails, historical sites - "...Google Maps and the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau have released the 360-degree images of beaches, hiking trails and historical sites taken by the Google Street View Trekker on Google Maps and the HVCB’s vacation planning website for consumers." ...Read more:
#googlemaps   #hawaii   #maps   #travel   #beaches  
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I love dropping pins on Google Maps!

But lately they've dropped the ball with their roll out of My Maps Engine.

I've that Google Earth, and other mobile apps such as My Maps and Pin Drop, still evoke My Maps Classic pins.

I've also noticed that if I import my Classic Maps to the new Maps Engine, And I start adding pins, my Classic Maps is not updated; looks like they're independent, though I wish they weren't since it would allow for a smooth transition...

I really like the new look and feel of My Maps engine, but what is it good for when other applications can't even access them? (absolutely nothing.. Lol, I had to say it)

Are there any iOS apps that access My Maps Engine??
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