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Google Earth, Maps & Places Tips
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Implementing Facebook Authorship 101!
Designed to call attention to authors, but, you can also link to a branded Facebook Page instead of a profile.
#facebook   #authorship   #digitalmarketing   #contentmarketing  
Facebook's latest feature is designed to give content consumers an easy way to follow and see more great content from the writers they like. This will be huge for bloggers!
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Google Maps Webspam Fighting Using Photos?
Patent applications - using Street View Images / Business Owner Photos to Verify Google Maps, Search Results, and Location-Based Services.
#googlemaps   #webspam   #google  
Google Maps Webspam Fighting Using Photos?

New Google patent applications describe how Google might use Street View Images or Business Owner submitted Photos to Verify Businesses listed in Google Maps, Search Results, and Location-Based Services.
Google may be using Street View Images and business listing submitted photos to verify business listings in Google Maps, Google Search Results, and location-based services.
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Dragons' Den star Peter Jones told to rip up tennis court 'spotted on Google Earth' - "...Jones built the court in woodland on his 200-acre Buckinghamshire estate but did not apply for planning permission" ...Read more:
Jones built the court in woodland on his 200-acre Buckinghamshire estate but did not apply for planning permission
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Stupid councils. Why should he have to?
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Matt Cutts, formerly of Google,  becomes Director of Search at Globe Runner!
#mattcutts   #globerunner   #google   #seo   #search  
Matt Cutts becomes Director of Search at Globe Runner. He was previously head of Google’s Web Spam team!
"As Director of Search at Globe Runner, Mr. Cutts will lead Globe Runner’s SEO and Paid Search teams, focusing on best practices and consulting with the Content Marketing team." ...Read more:
#mattcutts   #globerunner   #google   #seo   #search  
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OMFG.. shouldnt be allowed :)
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California fault lines and earthquake probabilities! - "...The interesting part from a Google Earth perspective is that WGCEP has provided a KML file showing the fault lines in the California region and the associated probability of a large earthquake happening in the next 30 years." ...Read more:
#googleearth   #california   #earthquakes  
We have in the past looked at the some of the California fault lines where earth quakes are likely to occur. A recent story in the news is that a recent report by the Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities (WGCEP) shows that the probability of an 8.0 magnitude earthquake happening in the next 30 …
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The Google Maps API team is hitting the road with the #CodeTheRoad tour!
#googlemaps   #google  
The +Google Maps API team is hitting the road with the #CodeTheRoad tour. First stop: #io15!
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Newburgh New York
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All About SEO, Web Design & Digital Marketing!
#seo   #webdesign   #socialmediamarketing  
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Helpful SEO Tips & Digital Marketing!
#seo   #digitalmarketing  
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Google Street View: Explore Mt. Everest Region From Your Desk! - "Virtual vacationers accessing Google Maps will be able to walk gorgeous hiking trails and visit places important to the Sherpa community, including monasteries, schools, clinics and guesthouses." ...Read more:
#streetview   #everest   #mteverest   #googlestreetview   #googlemaps  
Need a vacation in a remote locale? Google is offering the next best thing.
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Berga, Piemonte, Italy. Accessible only by foot through a maze of alleys and stairs, Berga is perched on Ligurian Apennines, isolated from the world and surrounded by chestnut woods. Enjoy your visit!
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Syncing Google Earth's 'My Places' - Google Earth Blog!
#googleearth   #myplaces   #google  
So I'm following these directions from the GE blog to try and sync my GE MyPlaces.kml file:

Does anyone know what other files or sub-folders have to be copied to the new location?  
We have in the past shown you how to move Google Earth’s ‘My Places’ from one computer to another. However, if you regularly use Google Earth on more than one computer, it can be useful to sync your ‘My Places’ between the computers. By utilizing a cloud based synchronization service this is now relatively easy …
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We explore everything from Google Earth Flight Simulator to Google Earth 3D, Google Chrome, Images and Google Maps Driving Directions. And Google+ of Course!

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