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Find summer camps or summer camp jobs of your interest.
Find summer camps or summer camp jobs of your interest.

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Find out about late season summer camp job options. If you are looking for rewarding summer work as a member of camp staff, it's not too late. Read more in the article below.

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Learn about Father-Son & Mother-Daughter programs which some camps offer; typically as special mini-sessions which span a long weekend either prior to or after a summer camp's main session. Read more ....

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College students and young adults who haven't found employment for the summer are encouraged to look into a summer camp job as a fun and rewarding experience. Being a camp counselor or working at any camp staff position provides a great opportunity for personal growth and to serve as a positive role model for youth.

There are wide variety of summer camp programs and camp jobs across the United States and Canada ranging from local day camps, traditional sleepaway camps, as well as specialty camps which focus on a particular activity.

Visit the Camp Channel Job Board to browse through hundreds of interesting positions in various locations.

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Choosing the most suitable session option and duration for your child's summer at camp is an important decision and may involve several factors. Read a new article about camp session selection on the Camp Channel's Resources section.

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