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Wow! Old Dude on KNBC news last night, just said Our President is Lazy bcuz he didn't prepare for the Debate. Really!? He was as articulate, charismatic , spoke with a well formulated plan, agenda and vision. With an onslot of well devised solutions. It's unfortunate that NO One realized this man our President, was still being told an hour before the debate about the uprising in Syria, AND ALL the OTHER caos around the nation-- this UNHEARD OF GAS PRICES, we can't afford, that He genuinely is concerned about. HE WAS STILL HAVING TO DO HIS ALL POWERFUL JOB -- KEEPING YALL DUMB A$$E$ SAFE , WHILE TRYING TO APPEASE SOME DOUBTERS THAT HE IS STILL THE ONLY CHOICE. MAJOR PRAYER AND SUPPLICATION! I'm done with the whole thing now, I just had to get that off my chest. Back to my knees and my everyday battle of surviving with CHRIST JESUS. I'M JUST SAYING THOUGH D......!
Could it be more likely that POTUS has inadequate IQ?