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Janet Barrett
Taking consciousness technologies where no one has gone before
Taking consciousness technologies where no one has gone before

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Consciousness and Leaders and Followers
I am heartened by what I see happening in this upheaval of Consciousness. Among all the negative energies present people are responding to what doesn't feel right, what they have taken for granted. People are getting active about choices in their lives and ...

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Consciousness AS Self: Life as a Collaboration
Continuing on our awareness that we are all One and Self is the human interface of Consciousness: What if Consciousness AS Self is really the relationship? Human is just the lense that Consciousness is using to know itself as the individual. My next thought...

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Consciousness and Bits and Pieces Intersecting
In group this last week, Being Present in one's own life, Should, and Help were main themes. It was interesting, their intersections with each other. Since we are all One, clearing energies in these areas of being embodied is enriching to us all. Consciousn...

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Consciousness and Random Expansiveness
We are all One, individuals sharing in the spectrum that is Consciousness. What makes us up as individuals is information unique to each of us, as our stories, issues. and experiences. They can be viewed as connected bits of I, patterns of photons of light ...

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Consciousness and the Body and Boat Approaches to Life
So much of what we might do daily has become a habituated response and maybe forgotten is that it can be a moment of enlightenment. If you are holding awareness of the power of your everyday experiences as opportunities, our reality can be changing without ...

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Consciousness and Kissing our OWIES Better
OWIE kissed Our week was filled with strife. It would seem from all sides we are being assaulted with challenges as to where to put our attention here at home and abroad. Getting lost in all the upheaval that is present is not helpful. The better we can sta...

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Consciousness and Differences
One of the many delights of being open, present and in the moment is that I never really know what people are going to bring with them to play with into group. Last week brought a lovely mix of reality adventurers! One individual came from Detroit, Michigan...

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Being Conscious of the Sacred
Sacred:  holy, devoted to a religious ceremony, or simply worthy of awe and respect How do you relate to the Sacred when you are in Heart Centered Awareness? We access this state when we are gathered in group and you experience it as real. We feel it. We al...

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Consciousness and the Rising Dignity
Dignity is  the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect,  a sense of pride in oneself; self-respect. Indignity is  an injury to a person's dignity; slighting or contemptuous treatment; humiliating affront, insult, or injury. Something really sh...

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Consciousness and Being Sad
There has been a lot of sadness up in out fields. Personally and collectively. Sometimes it is hard to notice which is which as it is felt instantaneously for we are all One. No emotion has a boundary. It is just how much we allow ourselves to notice it, to...
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