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David Pascoe
Marine surveyor (retired), Author, Publisher
Marine surveyor (retired), Author, Publisher
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Buyers' Guide to Outboard Boats - 
This book kicks off with a question that one is unlikely to find in the literature on any manufactured product. Are you a good candidate for being a happy boat owner? I ask it for one very simple reason: Far too may people spend huge sums of money on a boat, only to discover the hard way that they didn’t have time for it, couldn’t really afford it, or just plain don’t like boats as much as they thought they might. Tens of thousands of dollars is a lot to spend on an experiment. For that reason we start by taking a hard look at what boat ownership is all about in the first chapter.

Boat Reviews:

We do not publish the results of surveys. While our reviews are often derived from surveys, they are not surveys. Boat surveys do not contain opinions; surveys are about facts. A review essentially constitutes the opinion of the reviewer. We are often accused of being opinionated, but that's what reviews are all about. Opinions.  People sometimes ask, "Why aren't your reviews more balanced?" Or they say, "Why are you always comparing every boat to top of the line boats like Hatteras, Bertram, etc.?"

The answer is that it makes more sense to compare with the best than with the worst. Sure, that makes it look like we're setting too high a standard when most people can't afford top of the line products, and it makes us look like we're thumbing our noses at lesser creations. We understand that the "average" boat owner can't afford the best, but neither can he afford something that's so poorly made that his large investment ends up going down the drain. That happens far too often, so it is the purpose of these reviews to assist buyers, especially newbies, to make better informed purchase decisions. 
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Marine Investigations - The first and only book of its kind on the subject of investigating pleasure craft casualties and other issues.

Although written primarily with the North American market in mind, international surveyors will find that the principles employed here are equally applicable to where ever marine surveyors are to be found.

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The profession of marine surveying is not just about boats; it's about people and boats. That's why four of its 18 chapters are devoted to the practicalities of the business side of surveying. Written for both the aspiring, novice and experienced surveyor, it provides a foundation of essentials for anyone who wants to begin a marine surveying career, or just hone up on one's skills and knowledge: What is Pre-Purchase Survey, Business Practices and Client Relations, Sound vs-Seaworthiness, Procedures, Hull and Its Structure, Surveying the Hull, Stress Cracks & Surface Irregularities, Deck & Superstructure, Cockpits, Drive Train, gas Engines, Fuel Systems, Exhaust Systems, Electrical Systems, Plumbing Systems, Sea Trials, Appraisal, Reporting" 

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"Mid Size Power Boats" focuses exclusively on fiberglass power boats of the cruiser class generally 30-55 feet, with discussions on the pros and cons of each type: Expresses, trawlers, motor yachts, multi purpose types, sport fishermen, and sedan cruisers.

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Over 160 online articles on buying, owning, maintaining #boats#yachts.
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