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Mohan Gaanz (Gaanappriya Yogesh)
Mohan Gaanz - I am What I am
Mohan Gaanz - I am What I am

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From the tunes of a musician . . .
Raghunathan is an upcoming, talented musician with great calibre and creativity.
Born in a family that has always been exposed to music, it was easy for Satish
to appreciate the essence of Music, especially its classical forms from a very
early age. ...

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Radha Madhava Mahotsavam . . !
When we say Radha Madhava Mahotsav, we
immediately remember the cutely divine images of Radha and Krishna. For those,
who are devoted in devotion and spirituality, this Mahotsav gives some
inspiration and sense of “Gyan” (Knowledge). For the rest of us, we ...

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Dance, Music and Fridays
Life in New York has always been fun but there remains a thin feeling of missing Indian art forms and performances, every now and then! And also, speaking in / hearing our mother tongue - ah, that feeling is so divine that no one can afford to miss it! Ther...

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What you Miss, you Miss(ter)?
Missing has become a part and parcel of life. We miss being just care free kids. We miss the bread and jam. We miss teddy bear school bags We miss WWE play cards. We miss 'Building block' video games. We miss Prince of Persia We miss super mario We miss tha...

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People . . .
I do not understand people's emotions and the "WHY"s of all those emotions. I do not know why they love those who are not meant for, why they betray those who are really good, why they be in a relationship and why they break up later.  I do not know why the...

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Crap - Torture - Love
I  love you for more reasons than I hate you. May be those innocence looks or may be those child - like acts, Not sure. But that, for some reason, portrays you as the most beautiful person I have ever known, so far. Some obdurate ways of you trying to set t...

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விடியலை தேடி நகரும் பூமி , சுவாசத்தை தேடி அலையும் இலைகள், புற்கள் நிறைந்த வனங்கள் , இலையுதிர்ந்த மரங்கள் , பனி படர்ந்த புல்வெளிகள், மழை தாங்கிய கார்மேகங்கள் , வானும் பூமியும் வெண்மை படர, அவ்வபோது பஞ்சவர்ணங்கள் தெறிக்க, முடிவற்ற நீண்ட பாதையில் , சொற்களை தேடி...

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No Title Decided . . . !
In India or to be specific, the Tam Bram weddings are mostly one time happenings and done to last long. Especially the arranged marriages, generally , last longer than ever! May be, these ceremonies are special for the sacred chants , for the rituals, for t...

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Me to Me - Conversation
From  Me, Past , Present ! To Me. Future. Dear Me, Since there are no one around to tell me all these, I tell it to myself, I realize, what it feels like, to be where I am. But I know I am letting myself down instead of saving my own self. It is just that I...

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பௌர்ணமி கவிதைகள்
பிள்ளைக்கு பசியுண்டு  கரு நீள் வானை சூழ்ந்த  பஞ்சு பொதி மெகங்களூடே  அவள் காட்டிய பால்நிலவுண்டு… நிலவின் மேனியில் திரையிடும் அவள் முகம் மட்டும் வெகு தூரமாய்! நீ பௌர்ணமி ...
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