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Don Baldwin
Ice Rink Manager and Consultant, ABD PhD student, and writer.
Ice Rink Manager and Consultant, ABD PhD student, and writer.

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Tiny Houses: Differing views
Here I sit, possibly watching the 1,000th
episode of some tiny house show. I find myself totally fascinated by the
process people go through as they select which tiny house they wish to live in.
I come from a different time, and my outlook is part of the re...

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As the madness mounts, I had to get out in the beautiful countryside that surrounds us here on the Dorset/Somerset borders. This hill lies in a valley between Corton Denham Beacon, Parrock Hill and Cadbury Castle. Hallowed ground indeed.
For more of our lives here, please do follow us over on Instagram.

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Car Emissions
The story of VolksWagon (VW), and other companies caught lying about emissions and gas consumption efficiency brings to mind the fact that the world is changing significantly. The biggest changes are coming in the near future. Apparently VW, Audi and Porsch...

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LInux Mint Rosa 17.3
 Linux Mint Rosa 17.3 is a Long Term Release. A Long Term Release means
an extended period of support, in the case of this version until April,
2019. The next version, 18 (also known as Sarah) is due out in May or
June, 2016. Support for that version wil...

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The Human Cost of Market Change: PCs
I was startled to hear from Linda Bridges, the owner of Pacific Solutions .  She called to tell me the computer market had changed too much for her store's value proposition to be effective so they were closing soon. The company I work for has done business...

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The Liquidity Trap
I've had concerns about the stock market for a few years now. Sometimes, I wonder if I am a bear like David Stockman . Still, though, the fundamental values in a healthy stock market seem to have been violated for quite a while. In April of 2015, I wrote ab...

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Graphing Madness, Courtesy of the St. Louis Fed
I stumbled on a cool graphing app on the St Louis Fed web site . You can graph several economic indicators on the same graph, and you can vary assumptions. The underpinnings are federal data, which is primary and high quality. The link above goes to a graph...

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Stalled Growth
I read a great article in Forbes today about how investors shouldn't invest in stock in companies where growth stalls, but earnings increase.  The valid point made was companies who stall usually have shrinking sales in the future. The article showcased two...

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Moore's Law?
A while ago, I noticed that computers weren't getting any better.  By better, I mean no longer faster in newer generations.  I put up a post observing this trend a while back. Today, I read a great article in the New York Times .  The author observed the ag...
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