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Stay alive.
Stay alive.

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just give me 6 strings 

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Umm ok. Love you

Wow. Google plus. Old. I really don't use this anymore..😕 #Thefuturekeepsgettingbetter #loveyall 

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OMG please repost

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cookie monster!!!  lol

I went to Serena's Bday party yesterday, and we had a blast! I went to her house, we ate 3 leches cake! ( which btw, is 1 of the best cakes ever!) We had an awesome time. Happy Birthday Serena Hanna Moore and may God keep blessing you your whole life! 


Me: Mom! I'm short!
Mom: No you're perfect.
Yaddi: and short!

Don't play with your brother's ipod when you don't have permission. Its law!! - Yaddiel

my schedule: Do my homework. Practice the piano for 40 minutes. Practice the clarinet for 30 minutes. Read for 30 minutes. clean up room. take a shower. go to bed!!! NO TV!!!!!!!    :(

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