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Pouring Molten Salt into Water

Table salt (sodium chloride) enters its liquid state at temperatures above 1,400°F. When a crucible of molten salt is poured into a tank of water, it causes an explosion of steam and water. It is thought that the Leidenfrost Effect is partially responsible for the first few moments of this violent physical reaction as the molten salt rapidly boils water in its immediate vicinity to form a sheath of steam. However, the immense heat quickly overcomes this barrier and rapidly expands outwards causing a stream explosion.

Source: (backyardscientist)

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BLU will also get Windows 10 at some point in its future.

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+Sarah Hill​ Have a virtually awesome birthday!

+Steve Cusumano​ Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday +Tim Schmolzi​! Hope everything is going well.

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I know some that use this tool as well. Hopefully they have received the email and are aware.
We want to alert our community to a recent security incident & the actions we're taking to protect users. We are emailing all users now, but more information can also be found on our blog:

Note: We've updated the blog with follow-up information to user questions about yesterday's announcement. [June 16, 2015 @ 4:30 PM EST]

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I know many that use.
The best analogy ever:
Imagine you made delicious lemonade and you wanted to share it to the world for free. A guy tells you he can give your lemonade to millions of people for you, so you say OK. And then he puts a piece of poop in each cup of your lemonade he gives out. Then you find out the poop factory is paying him to give out poop, so he's using your free lemonade to get money from the poop factory.


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Pretty purples, pinks, oranges and yellows out this morning. Happy Friday everyone!

My wearable idea. Create an unobtrusive waterproof band (think FitBit/Fuelband) as an alternative to keyless entry fob for cars. Have multiple cars on one band. Never worry about your keys/fobs again. #wearable
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