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Is there no way to capture a ship and use it as part of the fleet? Or is that not implemented yet? Likewise, my crew always seem to want half of my plundered loot. (Even if it says "last shared 0 days ago" it still says they want half of my money avaliable).

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A Week at the Beach
The Beach was a wonderful trip full of adventure and new experiences!      While our wedding was an amazing experience, our trip directly afterwards to Atlantic Beach, NC for our week-long honeymoon was easily just as fun.  We didn't waste any time leaving ...

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Our Journey Begins Together
     This past August 2 nd I had the wonderful opportunity to marry the love of my life. We both share the same aspirations and want to live a wonderful life full of travel and adventure. Since we've been married, we have had a lot of time to reflect back...

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A perfect* summary of Humanities 101.

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The Hike at Blue Hole
       If I ever had the chance to live and do anything and everything I've ever dreamed of, the thing I see myself doing is traveling and learning.  To me, traveling is among one of the most amazing things someone can do.  It is a chance to get out and exp...
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