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Because of tool kit DVD-ROM I sent them I hope Myth TV, Home Actoamation, Media Severs, and Asterisk come up. Since that along MAME and MESS are the DVD's mean options.  It's like 3GB so sent them it on DVD-R to save time and to prove that we sill need DVD-RW drives since for at lesse the 2 types of media part of 321 back-up. 

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This is what I heard form  Western Digital. Green , Black, and Blue
Drives are only for useful for data Wille Back and Blue are better for the OS and Apps. Red and Purple Drives Are not diseded to work one their own.  The real def bewine Red and Purple is Purple uses AllFrame technology with based On what hraed is only useful in security systems.

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If you have the Mriocsoft barned Windows 7 DVD-ROM; thiers an free bootabe tool you can use on the install DVD.  In 98% of the cases that's all yuo need.
Question: is there a way to test RAM, CPU's, and motherboards in a computer without just replacing them to see if that fixes the problem?
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