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Got a bunch of network issues sorted out, unfortunately that meant new gear.. and a new IP.. until the DNS catches up.

Good news everyone! the server and network disruptions are coming to an end!! the server is up to 1.4.7, and the new network space has been defined.

update to 1.4.7 will be happening this week along with a reconstruction of the network we're using.  Also we're looking for a way to fund an upgrade to a proper dedicated box and internet connection, any ideas or help would be hugely appreciated.

While we're a new server with little public awareness we have some amazing early adopters working on a large map, and big plans for our future once we have the resources to run on a properly dedicated rig.

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+Kay Shaw may care about this, the rest of you might want to be interested as well.
Facebook still owns your personal photos and information even after you delete your account.

The truth is that nearly all users have no idea what they're legally agreeing to when they sign up for social networks. 

The UK's Telegraph has a nice, super simple summary of some aspects of each network's terms of service. 

For example, Facebook's 14,000-word terms of service gives Facebook the legal right to "use your content in any way it sees fit... Facebook can transfer or sub-license its rights over a user’s content to another company or organisation if needed. Facebook’s license does not end upon the deactivation or deletion of a user’s account."

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Well.. at least if it's patented the other consoles won't be using it... right?

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Re-Post If You are Against Bullying......i bet 95% of you won't!!

#stopbullying   #stopbullyingtodayithurtspeople  

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Perhaps it's better that it bends?

So, the new iPhone 5 case is entirely aluminum. Or as our friends from the UK would say, aluminium. Anyway, the iPhone 5 is apparently subject to bending.

This makes sense because the old case was stainless steel and was shorter. But the longer, softer frame on the 5 means it'll just give if you put it in your pocket (especially back) and sit on it.

Any of you had this happen yet? If you've got a 5, lay it flat on a table and check to see if its bent at all. Let me know if you've experienced this.

#iPhone #fail 

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