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Examining the socio-cultural anthropology of G+
Examining the socio-cultural anthropology of G+

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SHE'S BACK: How Not to Do Things w/ +Kaylee Goins
our resident Ginger-in-Chief returns for Season 2
She tackles the tough subject of being a best friend... or rather... how not to be a best friend. Include recommendations about meth, farting into candles and Llamas w/ hats!

Who said journalism was dead?

We hope you enjoy the new season - if you dig it - subscribe :)

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SG+TV is back for Season 2 - SOUND ON! w/ +Jordan Walker

What is SG+TV? SG+TV is a YouTube channel dedicated to Google+ users... the shows are by Google+ users, FOR Google+ users. The goal is to create unique content for our unique community. Our vloggers are chosen from within G+ and do their shows on YouTube/Google+... a great opportunity for someone looking to get into podcasting/vidcasting.

Want a show? If you want to be apart of the SG+TV team - and have a good idea for a show and have time to do one show a week - let us know! Contact +Ryan Crowe or leave a comment here.

Get excited for +Jordan Walker +Kaylee Goins and +Kayla McKinney as well as a new vlogger to be announced.

Jordan finally named his show! SOUND ON! Is Jordan being super intense about his favorite music and also sharing some music news.
#sgplus #sgtv #sociologyplus

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SG+TV Music w/ +Jordan Walker
Valentine's Day is right around the corner...

Keep this video in your pocket - Jordan gives excellent tips on how to create a playlist for someone. Creating playlists for others, the most modern form of the "mix-tape" is an art that must be mastered! The art of making a playlist is replete with subtlety and planning - you can't just throw a bunch of songs together!

Make sure to show Jordan some love for his tips and show us your playlists!

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Why Your Love Life Sucks w/+Kayla McKinney is back!

We hope you all enjoy learning how to avoid your Coworker stalker! Please make sure to tell +Kayla McKinney good job and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see Kayla, +Kaylee Goins and +Jordan Walker!
Why Your Love Life Sucks is back, y'all!

Two weeks ago, I told you all that you should never ever date your coworker for one very important reason: gross. In the comment hullaballo, my pals +Matt Lerner and +Lionel Lauer recounted their own coworker disasters, which involved being stalked, probably because they're such super cool dudes. (Who can blame those gals?!)

If you've found yourself in a coworker stalking pickle, I've got two tricks you can use to get out of it. As always, circle +SocioloG+ so you can be sure to never miss an episode from me, +Kaylee Goins, +Jordan Walker, +Johnathan Chung, and +Ryan Crowe.

Also, we're looking for vloggers! If you've got a mad hankerin' to get your YouTube on, shoot me (or any of those names above) a message. And keep those questions a-comin'!

Did you know?
posted by +Ryan Crowe on behalf of +SocioloG+

That the +SocioloG+ website ( ) houses the most comprehensive Google+ guide created and curated by master content curator +Johnathan Chung - who updates the guide regularly?

Here's a taste of our "Getting Started" section ( , which will not only provide a bevy of resources for new Google+ Users in terms of guides, but also helpful people to follow and blogs to read :

The official demo:

The official blog:

The Google+ Startup Guide by +Saidur Hossain

-- and the YouTube version by +James Lawson-Smith: Google+ Start-Up Guide

"What G+ is Really About" by +Vincent Wong :

Google+ Introduction Videos by +Paul Melrose :

How to Use Google+ by +Dan Rowinski from +ReadWriteWeb:

Google+ Ultimate Quickstart Guide by +Eugene Teplitsky :

Google+ Setup Guide by +Anson Alexander, as summarized by +Denis Labelle :

How to Get Started with Google+ by +Kristi Hines on +Social Media Examiner :

10 Tips and Tricks for New Users by Osajwani on SaveDelete:

Google+ 101: How to Get Started by +Rana Shahbaz :

Brief Overview of Google+ in Photos by +Dain Binder :

Hangout 101 Tutorial (photos) by +Carmelyne Thompson :

A Semantic Matrix of Google+ by +Jacques Chazarain (Google document that describes features in G+ and what they are used for):

Plusisms - Google+ terminology:

Official Google+ Help Page:

Official "What's New" in Google+ Page:

Official User Content and Conduct Policy:

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New SG+TV Music Talk w/ +Jordan Walker
if your girl enters a mosh-pit...

Jordan shares with the G+ community some common concert etiquette tips.

If you dig what we're trying to do (create a network of shows for and by members of the G+ community) and have a show idea of your own - feel free to contact either: +Ryan Crowe +Kayla McKinney +Kaylee Goins +Johnathan Chung or +Jordan Walker and we'll talk about setting you up with a show.

#sgplus #sgtv #sociologyplus

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Why Your Love Life Sucks w/ +Kayla McKinney
dating coworkers is no bueno

Like picking on your significant other? Of course you do! Kayla details the dangers that accompany dating a co-worker including by not limited to: workplace fantasy, odd fetishes and too much "quality" time together.

And remember, like Kayla says, "Go all STD on her" and share this video... she really has to work on her analogies.

#sgplus #sgtv #sociologyplus

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How Not to Do Things w/ +Kaylee Goins
how to not be well

Our snively, sickly resident Ginger shows off her vulnerable side (no, not her tender emotions) and helps you all to discover the best ways to get sick quick! This is useful for any of you who want to call in sick to work or school but can't stand the thought of lying!

Kaylee's advice includes go streaking in the cold rain, not sleeping at all, and hanging out with other cess pools of sickness (aka Friends!).

#sgplus #sgtv #sociologyplus
Ok, don't hate me for how sick this video is. Also, why do I always have the most ridiculous faces in the video still shot. Sigh.

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Sociolog+st and master content curator +Johnathan Chung presents this beautiful slide show highlighting Google+ API and analytics pioneer +Gerwin Sturm . His webpage is the best thing to happen to Google+ since +1'd bread.
Google+ Analytics:

"All My Plus" is an excellent resource created by +Gerwin Sturm to obtain analytics on anyone's public Google+ profile and posts. This website is an invaluable way to gain insight to yours and anyone else's posting habits and statistics.


View total posts, original posts, and re-shared posts.
View number of comments, +1's, and re-shares received.
View stats like number of photos, videos, and links shared.

View charts with data plotted over time (weekly, daily, and hourly).

Most Popular Posts:
View your most popular posts with the most comments, re-shares, and +1's.

View whose posts you have re-shared.
View who has commented, re-shared, and +1'd your posts.

View photos from your own posts and from those of posts you've re-shared.

Most Recent Posts:
View a list of your most recent posts according to date or number of comments, re-shares, and +1's.

Compare Two G+ Users:
View 2 profiles' stats side-by-side, including "Overview", "Posting behavior", and "Re-shares".

Permalink to this slideshow:
Permalink to this post:
Google+ Analytics Part1 - AllMyPlus (17)
View album

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Great find by +Denis Labelle and write up by +Miguel Rodriguez
The Google+ Mindset
A look into the psychology of those posting on Google+

"The thesis of this article occurred to me while analyzing the discussions between the people defending Google+, versus the (mostly) journalists who “don’t get it”. Is there a deep-seated human need that is better satisfied by Google+ than by other social media sites? The motivation principles of Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose described by Daniel Pink, RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us, might be part of the answer." - +Miguel Rodriguez

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