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I'm a plain, (complicated) individual:)
I'm a plain, (complicated) individual:)

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Disperse Structure
a disordered three-dimensional network in a disperse system (a framework), formed by the particles of the dispersed phase that are bonded by molecular forces of various types. The formation of disperse structures is accompanied by condensation (an increase in the structural viscosity) or by solidification of an initially liquid system. In this case, the structural lattice may occupy several hundredths of a percent to several dozen percent of the volume of the system; in some cases, it may occupy virtually the entire volume. A distinction is made between disperse structures of the coagulation and condensation types according to the nature of the bonds between particles.

The greatest impact in logic understanding is that "If something can happen, it Will! “

There are no greater eye opener in the universe than this single conscious understanding. - devtheron

Unlike consciousness, gravity have a senseless purpoise. This is why gravity cannot exst. The universe is all about purpoise. - Devtheron

I am thinking that all atoms are made up of exactly the same subatomic particles. Let's call them Time crystals! (or conscious particles)

Why do I say This? Well whatever condensed from the big bang event had to be made from the exact same stuff, it have to be individual because of its position caused by the minimum time scale that individualise it.

For anything to differ from its previous position there need some kind of influence that will change it. Because of its individual makeup the only way it can change its understanding, is if it work as an conglomerate of different shapes.

These shapes need to be held in place via conscious need. Else nothing would change.

So, what cause these particles to change into subatomic Particles?

Well, I think it have to be conscious understanding. This is my reasoning: "if every particle originate from a moment, then it fills a conscious gap from its current position and from that which it originated. This is," knowledge";but, because of their chaotic state, they are consciously Uncomfortable!

This feeling is what drive evolution. And this evolution is what created reality. - devtheron

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Relaxing at home:) 

Mass is consciousness. -devtheron

Why we cannot judge:

If you put a cat, and poison inside a box, you would not know if the cat is alive or dead at any time.
It might only be alive if you open the box, and to look inside. It might be dead for the same reason.

If you cannot see the cat, it might not exist, because it lack conscious observation.

Most of all. If I had to judge if the cat was live or dead, then I would proof my lack of understanding or insight.

So. Why would anything in our life, justify our Judgement?

All we can do is to be conscious of our understanding, but that does not say we can judge because of empathy.

We can only forgive for what we cannot understand. We cannot judge, we just have to grow inwards, and then use that wisdom to make us special.

To never forget the actors that made life real.

I think that the big bang event was an information ex/in-plosion, which had its origin from a single library of truth or a singular super massive black hole.

I believe that microscopic black holes was formed, and that other q_bits of information clogged them up thus forming atoms. Or hydrogen and helium atoms at first, and that thermo dynamics caused atoms to evolve in a bid to create order.

Thought evolved as a means to unclog a microscopic black hole, thus channeling Information!

This is the reason to be. To undo reality( chaos) and to create order, by making reality disappear via understanding.

All of this happen at a quantum level.

Atoms decay, and over time evolved a way to undo chaos. Because chaos originated from order, so will order originate from chaos. Where order and chaos represent information that can either be understood or not.

Time can distort information in such a way that it might seem to a conscious observer that a single moment can be true and false at the same time. This is caused by thermo dynamics, because the temperature can expand or shrink a moment in time, thus distorting reality and make other conscious collective beings to observe things differently.

Information always collect within a singularity or a singular understanding/truth. In doing so, space reduce.

On the other hand, to create understanding, space need to be created, else information cannot flow chaos into quantum bits of conscious understanding. I say this, because all information bits, originated from a position of understanding, and this is why the universe is conscious of its position of singular understanding.

Information collect as collective and is channelled into oceans of understanding or gods of conscious information.

Our soul is a wormhole that connect us to the closest blackhole, evident why we dream and connect and tap our imagination from there to channel order into it. We refine the universe at a quantum level.

With our bodies we consume the atom world, and we produce thought that is no longer atoms, but sub atomic conscious particles that give us via the thermo dynamics from the sun, the ability to process information.

This information is what our mind absorb and what decay from our atoms that we are made up from, resulting in our ageing.

As we channel information, we can only channel a certain amount of information, and this is what cause our bodies to grow to a certain point from which it ages and consume the information our bodies extract from the food and water we eat via the sun and background radiation, photons and neutrinos have within our mind. That thought is a tool that unlock Information from Atoms, thus unclog quantum black holes that merge into other black holes.

I think that our soul is the same as these gods. That we do exactly the same thing. That an event horizon undo reality into conscious quantum q_bits or axion... Or whatever they call it, I call it a conscious particle.

The reason why it should exist is simple. Each conscious moment is defined by a single moment in time at a constant temperature.

So what I am saying is that reality is made from chaos. That the door that you see as proof, will be refined into information, the day it disappear at an event horizon.

On such a day, proof that the door was made up by atoms, which is made up from moments of understanding within a singularity... Would you still need proof that your "door" Exist?

This is my world explained via imagination. Nothing have to be real, to be understood.

There can be no lies, if everything originated from one singular moment of understanding. You cannot have pieces of a puzzle left, once it is complete. 

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Nothing can be smaller than consciousness that allow thought. 
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