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Registration for Fall Freak Out at +Cedar Point is now open!

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This coming Sunday will be our next Planning Meeting. If you know any other members who would be interested in coming, feel free to forward this to them. Just make sure they contact me to let me know they are coming.
The meeting is being held in the community room at the Brooklyn Fire Department located at 8400 Memphis Ave, Cleveland, OH 44144 on Sunday April 3rd. If you don't have a GPS and need additional directions, just let me know.
Parking for the community room is behind the station. The meeting will start promptly at 1pm. So if you want to hang out and chat, feel free to come early. The meetings are usually done around 5pm. We have the room from 12pm-6pm.
They have a small kitchen set up including a mini-fridge, sink and microwave.
If you want to bring something to compliment the main dish, it will be Chicken Paprikash with Spaetzle. Please let me know what you plan to bring, if anything, so I can make sure we aren't doubling up on things. Below is what we have so far.
Main Dish Jason - Chicken Paprikash with Spaetzle and a Garden Salad (from Agostino's Catering)
Bob - Giant Eagle Cookies
Cathy - Chips
Tom - Chips & Pop
Shelley - Surprise Dessert!
Sam - Pasta Salad
William - Cookie Cake
Murray's - Plates, Plasticware, Napkins and Cups
Dave - Ice

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Registration for the Holiday Party is now open! Join us on Saturday December 12th for our annual event. We will be in Erie, PA this year. The main activities will be at Colony Banquet & Catering. In addition, we will be treated to an off season tour of Waldameer & Water World. Along with many speakers and door prizes, the photo contest will return and of course a great dinner and best of all, lots of friends to share your stories of 2015!
NOTE: Mailed invitations will not be sent this year, so you will need to register online or download and print the registration form from the website.

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