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Traveling Fo Dayzz.

There are people everywhere. I am in the busiest airport in the world! Atlanta. I've made friends, ate a ton of airplane cookies and started a great new book. I am on my way to Miami. At least  I think I am. My family and I left our house at 4:30 this morning, and after several  delays and cancellations we have been stranded in the Atlanta airport since 3:30 this afternoon! Hopefully we will be arriving in Miami at 1:20 a.m! Whew!

For those of you wondering why I have dragged myself and my family all over our country today, it is for an important and great cause! At least that's what I think of it as. But first I want to back up to tell you the full story of how I came to learn and love the idea of The Traveling School (TTS).

A good family friend had just returned from Africa, I couldn't remember for how long, all I knew was that I was going to do this someday! I forced her to show me the pictures she took over and over again, and I even tricked her into making a presentation at my Middle School at the time! Traveling was going to be a part of my life. I decided this then and there. I was a scrawny seventh-grader at the time, just entering the heart of my awkward stage. I was being introduced to unrealistic "long term" goals and continuously being told I can do what ever I could set my mind to. So with overwhelming pride I decided I could over come the "small" obstacle of the tuition, $20,000.

Many, many, many bake sales, late nights of babysitting and work I had met my half of the tuition. My parents had agreed to pay half, with the expectation that I would also help with gear and the plane ticket. ( I think they thought I would get through my phase of dreaming big and eventually forget about TTS. But not this girl!)

So here I am, waiting by my gate in Atlanta, exhausted, and still ecstatic to be on my way to Miami where I will meet my new family and depart for my moving home for the next four months. Two backpacks stuffed to the brim, my favorite Bible, and of course what is school with out the 20 pounds of text books?

 I will be writing about all my adventures any time I get internet. I am so excited you all chose to follow me during my incredible journey to South America!

Next time I "write" all of you I will (hopefully) be in Ecuador!


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