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James Addison
Startup and entrepreneurial enthusiast. Family man. Enjoys the outdoors.
Startup and entrepreneurial enthusiast. Family man. Enjoys the outdoors.

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SMS outbound not working on crespo CM11-M2. SMS inbound and MMS in/oubound working fine. Ideas, #android  fans? #CM11   #cyanogenmod   #cyanogenmod11   


APN already verified to be correct.

Canadians: Abolish the Senate? Major reform instead?

I'd be interested see an elected, proportional, fixed (short) term and far more accountable system in place. I like the idea of checks and balancing, but I'm not sure the current system serves that purpose. I think Australia learned from Canada's early mistakes and set up something along these lines.


By the way, if you support the stance to abolish:

I'm not too sure that Google Plus mobile does its Nearby Circle very well. That, or no one near me uses G+.

Most likely the latter I suppose.

Holy crap, is it possible to omit those stupid smiley mood things from your Google+ stream?


Seems most of the people I'm interested in hearing from are only on Twitter. How can I make better use of this Google+ thing? It would be awesome if there were APIs...

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I originally posted this on HN - but then posted it on Quora.  I'm interested in getting feedback on the topic.  Here, on Quora or HN, I appreciate it!

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