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Live, Love, Bike, and Code
Live, Love, Bike, and Code

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New Pod! Merge Conflict 40: Setting Expectations is Live!!

It's that time again... Lightning Talks!!! Every 10th episode here on Merge Conflict we take a look at our list of topics and what our listeners have submitted and pick six different topics that each get five minutes of coverage. This round we take a look at the ideal developer setup, how to manage tricky certificates, properly handling settings in applications, publishing an app in a week, effective app store advertising, and finally how to properly ask for that five star review. Sit back and get ready for an action packed episode! Be sure to tweet or email us with topics that you would like to see covered in the future.

I am getting ready to roll out beta support for offline event saves :) I have created a new "Beta" for Android that you can enroll into with:

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Android TV DVR + HD Homerun may be the ultimate combo for cable cutters, here is my review.

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Chip in towards my #Play4PP charity 24 hour game marathon for a chance to pick a game I play for 2 hours and then I will ship you the game when the marathon ends!! Details: 

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New Pod: Merge Conflict 30: The One with No Conflicts

It's lightning talks week here on Merge Conflict. We cover six topics in under thirty minutes! We take a look at topics that have been on our minds for a while and from our listeners. On this week's lightning talks episode we take a look at iMessage Apps, GPU Programming, Tensorflow, how to advertise an application, and ask the age old question... "Do I really need ALL the mobile platforms?".

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Hello my friends! On March 4th I am participating in Play for Planned Parenthood #Play4PP, a 24 hour live stream game marathon to support Planned Parenthood. Help me to support affordable health services and education for women, men, and young people.

I will be live streaming on Twitch all day as I play all sorts of different games and have joined forces with my good friend Erin Ali to bring our friends together and game for good.

Please checkout my participation page for more information and to make a donation. ( More information on the live stream events, games that will be played, and more will be coming soon, but let's just say there will be a lot of Nintendo Switch!

Will be adding a new feature to tap on a player to add their score. Instead of having to page through them with the next button.

Also a few other small tweaks here and there. 

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Merge Conflict Episode 14: Stumbling into VR
This week Frank and James stumble into a whole new world of virtual reality with new devices, SDKs, and a whole lot of fun. Virtual Reality is becoming much more interactive with motion tracking devices introduced with the HTC Vive and new controllers coming to Playstation VR, Oculus, and Google VR (Daydream). We take a look at the transformation of the industry and what is next for developers whether it is on a smart phone or a dedicated device.

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We just announced an awesome promotion to help kick start your CI and CD with Bitrise! Let me show you how to setup Bitrise and get started building you apps with every commit.

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