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Sunil Gandhi
Thinking within and without d Box
Thinking within and without d Box

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Are we really religious?
“Religion is the realisation of spirit as spirit.” Swami Vivekananda. We all consider ourselves as religious by visiting temples, doing all kinds of rituals under the pretext of religion, worshipping the Gods and even non-Gods considering them as Gods, maki...

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How to liberate yourself from the slavery?
“He was not bone and feather but a perfect idea of freedom and flight, limited by nothing at all.” ― Richard Bach,   Jonathan Livingston Seagull. You are now many years into the present life and fairly experienced about the nuances of life. None of your oth...

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Rules of the game WE all are playing
There is an ocean at the bottom of which
there are countless dangerous creatures suffering miserably, beyond the ocean,
there is an island, a place where there is no pain, but only permanent bliss/
happiness and there is a ship sailing in the ocean. There a...

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Limited Time Offer, Do you know this?
MORE money, MORE sales, MORE business, MORE
profit, MORE growth, MORE success, MORE fame, MORE followers, MORE attention,
MORE social visibility and everything MORE we all are after 24 X 7 days after
days. Business first is the motto of most of us, whether ...

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10 benefits of Aparigraha & Agenda 2017
Aparigraha is one of the 5 Yamas described in
Patanjali Yoga Sutras. The other 4 Yamas are Non-violence, Truthfulness,
Non-stealing, and Continence. Most of us know and try to practice the last four
Yamas but Aparigraha has mostly escaped our attention. Acc...

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Two {life changing} Questions
What is your goal and mission in life? We all are after MORE. More business, more customers, more money, more power, more fame assuming that this MORE will give us more happiness. We spend our lives after achieving this MORE. But we never know when the end ...

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How everyone can become Vivekananda?
The title of this post seems to be an attention drawing gimmick. Well, judge it at the end of the post. Here I only want to show a simple way to become the likes of Vivekananda (Or whosoever   enlightened   Guru /God you believe in). We all are so much obse...

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The Science behind the Jain way of life
foundation of Jain philosophy of Non Violence or rather TOTAL Non Violence
towards any living being howsoever small it may be. This philosophy guides the
conduct of the followers of Jain philosophy. I have no hesitation to say that
this need not be a Ja...

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A (very) short course on Jainism
Jains will celebrate Paryushan, their most
prominent festival from today till the 15 th of Sep 2016. When the
world is facing severe degradation of Morale and widespread violence, Jainism,
one of the most ancient or perhaps the oldest philosophy of extreme ...
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