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Manisha Lakhe
mad about movies, food, travel, music. politically incorrect.
mad about movies, food, travel, music. politically incorrect.

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Review: IRADA
Irada Nek Hai, Focus Nahi Hai! Result? Shambles! 1 star Mini Review:   It starts out as a corporation polluting the ground water and water in the canals and a father investigating his daughter’s wrongful death. The film rapidly deteriorates when the stars b...

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Review: JOHN WICK 2
He's Kickass! Super Fun! 2.5 stars Mini Review: This is a furious drive, stab, shoot, kill, get stabbed, get shot at, fight bare handed in cars, buses, trains, underground and in optical mazes, all because you are John Wick and are being forced to honor a b...

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Eloquent, Evocative, Elegant Tale Of Relationships 3.5 stars Mini Review: In the marginalised projects in Florida, a very young black boy, neglected by his drug addled mother, finds care in unexpected quarters. The drug supplier and his girlfriend. Chiron i...

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Stunned.  4 stars Mini Review: Based on a book by Sushaku Endo, Martin Scorsese takes the story of systematic religious persecution of Christians in ancient Japan (1630s) and manages to shake the faith of the audience not in religion but also in humanity it...

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Hugely Inspiring! 3.5 stars Mini Review: During the space race in the late fifties and the early sixties when Russia had already put Yuri Gagarin in space, NASA was still struggling to get the math for it’s space program right. This is the story of three pa...

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Ghazi Is Ghastly ½ star Main Review: It’s a fictionalized account of a brave unsung Indian submarine that downs the Pakistani super submarine that has better capabilities and a supposed most decorated Captain. Shoddily made, with terrible special effects an...

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Good Fun, Except  For The Lead Pair! 2.5 stars Mini Review: Ram Bharose
from Patna works for a clothing store in Amritsar and is in love with the boss’
daughter Nimmi. Insulted at her birthday party, he quits and begins a startup
with his geeky Sardar frien...

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Review: JOLLY LLB 2
ENJOYABLE DATE IN COURT! 3 stars Mini Review: Jagdishwar Mishra or Jolly, is a lawyer who lives by the code: no lawyer worth his salt will ever return money taken from a client. But when a pregnant widow commits suicide after shaming him, his life takes a t...

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HAHAHA! HOHOHO! HEEHEEHEE! WHAAAT? HAHAHA! HOHOHO! HEEHEEHEE! 1/2 star Mini Review: Dr. Sant Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh ji Insaan has 43 credits in this sequel to the Lionheart movie which showed up on screens not too long ago. This time superhero Lionheart c...

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Review: RINGS
Bo- Ring! 1 star Mini Review: Not even your gagging reflex at watching the heroine pull out hair from her mouth turns into horror in this most banal horror film sequel of the superb original Japanese film called Ringu (and the awesome remake called ‘Ring’ i...
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