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I hate Core Data. 

What an absolute clusterfuck of a framework. Transient data? Nope, can't have any of that. Changing object state on one thread and notifying the main thread about the change? Not without a boatload of code.

Why do frameworks ALWAYS get in the way?

Have spent all of today and much of yesterday tracking down a single bug that was caused by using memcpy() instead of memmove() in a situation where source and destination buffers sometimes overlapped. memmove() can handle that correctly, memcpy() can't.

Unhelpfully memcpy() worked perfectly on iOS even though it shouldn't have. The bug only showed on Android.

Came very close to being a scam victim just now... when applying for my son's first passport I blindly googled "UK passport" and hit the first link. Which turned out to be a clone of the official UK government site.

I didn't notice the fakery until I was right at the end of the form, typing in my credit card number... "No https? No .gov domain name? Hang on a minute..."

So yeah +Google, if you could at least try to avoid aiding and abetting criminal scumbags, that'd be great.

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Here's an interesting article about the porting of a very successful mobile game to #OUYA. Am still undecided as to whether the platform has legs or not but I admit my curiosity is growing...

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Rather worrying for those with Motorola phones... for what possible reason could Motorola need to silently upload your passwords for Facebook/Google/etc to its own servers? The scope for potential abuse seems colossal.

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It seems from this latest news that former Google UK boss Matt Brittin demonstrably misled a parliamentary select committee, theoretically punishable by prison time. I will be encouraging our elected representatives to make an example of this tax-dodging scofflaw...

Oh for god's sake, Android! Why is implementing a simple list of modally checkable list items so stupidly hard? You'd think you'd just use ListView.setChoiceMode() and everything would Just Fucking Work but no... that'd be FAR too simple. There's no end to the little things that need doing to achieve this simple aim.. it's taken me over four hours (and counting) to add bloody checkboxes to a list.

This month marks four years of working with Android, am really so fucking sick of the endless brokenness of it all...
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