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Is there any way to test stderr, similar to the way Examples work for stdout? E.g., I want to do something like:

func ExampleParse_NoData() {
    // Output:
    // parser.test: no data given

where the output is sent to stderr

Another week, another hour spent unpicking the mess caused by someone merging master into hotfix. How difficult is this? (Obviously too difficult as people keep doing it)

Blogging (en français) avec un video et des photos. Je suis totalement un homme de 21eme siècle.

Office successfully rearranged.

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I got up early this morning and went for a run through the streets of Paris as the city was waking up. It was exceedingly cool.

So I've been woken up at around 5:30am each morning by seagulls. This is kinda weird because I'm in the middle of Paris and I've never seen the seagulls, I've only heard them. Soanyways, Claire has joined me in Paris and I complained to her about the seagulls waking me up. Claire didn't hear them and she is the world's lightest sleeper. So now I'm thinking that I've been woken up every morning in the middle of Paris by seagulls that I've never seen and nobody else has ever heard.

Maybe I've been working too hard.

Paris is a city for sharing.

I'm totally eating bread and cheese. A proper fresh baguette that was still warm when I bought it and bleu d'Auvergne. C'est très om nom nom.

I am looking for a hole but I can't find it. Has anyone seen my hole?

I really missed having my camera when I was out walking today. I'll have to pick it up next weekend and bring it back with me. That way I can look like a proper tourist.
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