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Praise God for what He is doing through IJM!

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My latest blog post is based on yesterday's sermon in church. It hit me pretty hard, so I hope it challenges you to speak powerful words powerfully.

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The Power of Words
The Power of Words Words can be powerful. Let's start by looking at God's Word and then see how that relates to our word. Let me begin with this statement and tear it down from there: "God’s Word spoken in love and in accordance with God’s will creates some...

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That Voice in Your Head: Living Powerfully
            You know that voice in your head that talks to you and
just won’t shut up. Yeah, that one. The one that is thinking, “Oh yeah, I know
that voice.” Or maybe you aren’t like that. So, the voice in your head is
saying, “What is this guy talking abo...

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Ever feel like maybe Jesus isn't enough, that you need something more... me too.

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When Jesus Isn't Enough
Is Jesus enough? If you were to sit in a church on a Sunday morning, thinking about
Scripture, singing praise songs like All in All, Knowing You and Indescribable, you might know what
the “right answer” is. "Of Course Jesus is enough. What more could we nee...

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American Roulette: The economics of race relations in America
all heard of Russian Roulette, but none of us has played it, I hope. But,
unfortunately, whether we like it or not, all of U.S. have been playing this
other kind of roulette. It is a game that has big winners and big losers. It is a
game of economics ...

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Haven't written a blog in awhile, but have been greatly effected by this new topic and had to share what I've been learning. I hope it is a blessing to you.

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Suburban Legend: White Flight, Black Flight and Inner City Blight
Most of us have heard of an urban legend or two. But have you heard of a Suburban Legend. Here’s one: The
wealth of people who live in the suburbs has grown tremendously while the
wealth of those who were stuck in the central city has never materialized. Un...
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