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Kath Gilliam
It's complicated.
It's complicated.

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Bougainvillea Blossoms

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OMG, this cracks me the F up!!!!!!!

I was doing well resisting the Christmas goodies, mostly, until I made cracker toffee. On the up side, now my belly shakes when I laugh like a bowl full of jelly! #festive

I am SOOOOO proud of my daughter! She has hooked a doggie rug to make into a pillow, with her own two hands, all by herself! Merry Christmas, Mom! (It looks like Izzy, complete with freckles!)

Cary bought me a USB rechargeable hand warmer! #geeklove

Just had my first perv encounter on Google+! I've still got it!

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Thanksgiving with my bunch in Little Rock
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