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Times Change: Methods change with them.....Is This True?
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pa wee
same final conclusion IaM(Is all about Money ).. :-)
Wow...this is a TERRIBLE comparison. One of the worst I have ever seen and completely misinformed and disillusioned.
It's actually NOT the same final conclusion +pa wee ... You see, in the image to the right, the person in the car is actually getting something for their money. That is not robbery...that is commerce. The one on the left there is no exchange...just take. Forgive me for critically thinking on what is obviously a satire not to be taken seriously...I just can't help it sometimes!
The only change? they don't use a mask anymore, they somethimes smile at you.
Not even! I still have to get out of my car, engage the hose to the gas pump I have chosen and then carefully press the hose handle until it dispenses the amount of gas I want based on how much money I can spend!
That poster must depict New Jersey. Most places in the U.S. you can't get a gas (petrol) station attendant to pump for you any more.
I have never been so adamant about the absurdity of some ridiculous pictures I have seen on google+, but this one might take the cake. I hope people are not misinformed enough to take this seriously whatsoever. Unless you are a elementary school child, you will easily realize that these two pictures have absolutely nothing in common other than the cleverly drawn pictures of the "bandit" and the gas station attendant (in which NJ and maybe one or two other states actually have out of the rest of the country). Terrible.
looks like someone bought stock in Exxon.
Tom Duffy and Ian Thompson are gas station attendants. hahaha...
dude the joke is your getting robbed of your money while traveling from point a to point b.
I know...there are no gas stations with attendants anymore. How absurd...
for real well at least in SOME countries they do lol!!! lmao
I don't know if you are talking to me, but obviously I know that is what the point of the picture is. They could have depicted it in a much more effective way, but what I am saying is that you are not actually getting robbed of your money. There is much, much more that goes into the oil and gas industry other than profits that big oil companies gain, in which I am not trying to go into on google+.
We still have gas attendant where I live, noo is not the jungle is in the USA.
fo sho thts how SOME ppl do it lol but buying i think is a lil expensive lol!
Kind of, oil price IS pretty high these days.
How about adding another picture for 2051... human flying space ship and alien showing mystery weapons....LOL!
But in Pakistan...... there is a reverse process
Gas station attendants aren't really comparable to stage-coach robbers, their cut of the take makes them more comparable to the people being robbed.
To me the Gas station attendant is not really the robber, the attendant in the cartoon is just part of the overall picture, the big oil companies that are robbing us blind. I saw a graphic today showing that US oil companies receive $7610 per minute in tax breaks.
Pete R.
lol! So true!
When was the last time anyone saw a valet in a gas station ?
hahahahahahah!!! yes, it's true!!! we pay them.
hahhahah thats true... rapidly increasing fuel prices effecting the economy all over the world.... especially developing countries...
so damn true,,, especially for us INDIAn's..
what would happen in this year if we just substitute our 2011 vehicles with those 1851?
rohmat .... ! it's simple .....the road traffic rate will decrease hahahaha ROCKING EngineerRRRRRRR
whatever! but they will reach their destiny right!
hey in the UK we're well over $8 a US gallon and this is so true, but it the big oil thats making the profit not the guy on the forecourt
I believe the image is incorrect.

Gas station attendants don't fill your tank anymore. Full service died in the 80's
exept in oregon
lol from having a gun to a gas pump very funny
time has changed
thats true
but still money is given 2 d person wid d gun!!!!
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