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Book of our dreams.It burns when we give up our dreams...
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It's just so true...
I wonder how many books I've burned over the years, many I lost count! Not kidding! :(
Maybe this is what was in the brief case in Pulp Fiction....
Everything real, began from dream...
I will dream of water and give it up. I guess I'm the first fireman of burning dream book.
Just prepare a lot of water!
I'd prefer the picture more, if the burning book would be Bible
-_- its called athiest, duhh, sheesh
+Eden Kresko I'm not hateing on the bible, I'm making fun of it and there's the difference. I am not responsible for every person who can't tell the difference between joke and hateing and much more importantly who can't tell difference between reality and fairy tale.
This book will never burn with me. I am a total believer!
there should be as much interest as burning book...
look around and you see objects, who designed them? Have you wondered who designed Nature?
Yes I did. And I came to, it cannot possibly be designed by any concious being
then why is it so beautiful where creatures have not been able to create a single piece of it? consciousness cannot be seen nor sub conscious like feelings...yet, they are present and manifest
well the world is not only beautiful... There are also nasty things going on, like have you seen people with really bad tumor. If you open human body, I can guarantee you it's not much of an pleasent sight either. There are defects, illnesses and many nasty things in this world too. You only seem to close your eyes before those. How can someone say an earthquake that kills thousands is beautiful??? There's the problem with you "oh-the-world-is-so-beautiful-it-must-have-been-created-by-omnipotent-being" guys. You are hipocrits. You only see what is pleasing you, while completely forgetting anything bad when makeing this argument. Get your data straight before making such a statement :)
There have been civilisations before us who went astray and were destroyed, much more before that the same for other civilisations. There will be an end for everything. And its their 'ways of doing' which led them to their self destruction.
Cancer for one is not way of doing of our society, Nor is homosexuality, as for example some people might think and consider it for a sin.In fact, even animals are homosexual. Earthquakes are not human made. Look... the earth itself doesn't like us humans at all. It sends on us hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, floods. And that's earth-based threats to human life. I don't count those asteroids barely missing our planet, that will one day kill us all, if humans won't create technology to safe itself from the doom. And surely, humans are not responsible for asteroids. What you say doesn't make any sense, really.
i didnt want to happen that kind of thing to my Dreams
The first time i saw this, what came to ma mind was the burning of the quran,
THAT was not human.
haha when i first saw this i was kinda hoping that was my bio ap textbook ... o.o
that is why i keep a back up online!
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