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lmao @ Victors comment! lol
Being kind is far more imp. than being right.
well....if being kind means lying is better then being right...if rather be mean....i dont like to lie
if that's true, being kind would be being right in that circumstances. women are especially fond of requesting exactly this.
sometimes being kind is like being right.....when you follow your heart.....sometimes you do the right thing....their are things a heart can only do .....our minds has limitations and so as our hearts but listen carefully.....(always) sometimes it doesn't matter to what your listening too as long as you know yourself and you listen to yourself everybody is special and so as our hearts.......
I know this one ... sometimes it becomes just so important to have somebody to listen to you but all u get are people who are right... +marcos gonzález yes we request this because we are one of these ...
awwwwww........... don't cry... ^___^
lol@thea...tears of joy thats all...hehe:-)
Screw U my dear ##@@##'Team Lead' be a good listener.
No, Isabella .Can i ask u somthing..?U from Twilight..?
yup..... we r always listen our hearts..
@ Aswathi HkV.G., I agree with you, very nice words that clears the mind and warms the heart. The shape of one's heart is very important. Yours appears in good shape. Namaste.
Paige M
Lol as sad as this sounds I am the opposite of the Quixote, the bad side 
Wonder what Apple would be like today if Steve Jobs had agreed with these sentiments.
Isabella..go play with ur boy friend Edward.
Ya but a heart thats broke may never listen because they choose not to listen an run away
If people were right nobody would be in dire need of kind hearts to listen.
Wei Ye
Be right, then be kind.
I think Steve Jobs listened to his "inner voice" It seems like this is what any great leaders do. I also observed that great leaders listen to the people and then base their decisions on their own from all the inputs together.
How great this is quiet Logal.Always Lori-HSmith 16th.April 2012
+Maggie Chiu It's all about knowing wisdom and emotional needs. The Professor can learn all the academics in the world, but he will not learn any social skills from it!
The problem is people dont take it seriously....
If people won't listen to you, and keep telling you that you're wrong... maybe there's a point where you should start listening?

Being kind is important. Being right may or may not be important, depending on the situation.

If you have a medical emergency, I think it's much more important for me to be right if I'm telling you what to do than it is for me to be kind.

If you are working with me on a project, and you're making statements and decisions, you better be right. We're trying to build something, and don't want to screw up. I'm going to trust you if you act like you know something. If you are unsure, say that you're unsure. We can still be kind and polite to each other while doing that.

If you just broke up with your partner, and are upset. Being kind is more important, and I should be there to listen to you - it doesn't matter if you're right or not. It doesn't matter if I'm right or not.

Gosh! Situation and context matters. Imagine that! :)
wat hav 2 do wid ppl? it is 4 self understanding!
exact , listen ...
I like this saying, reminds me of my mother and her kindness!
People r so demanding......... they dont listen to others.. they dont spend time to listen to others.. still they need a special heart that listens to them......
Yes...ur 100% right...but talking or (writing) is easier than doing....meaning..everyone wants to b kind but when it cums to real life they fail.... 
dats true ! jst saying is nt al bt trying is nt bad! wats say?
i totally agree with this statement!!
Is it kinder to listen to people and let them believe in lies than to tell them the Truth so that they may be able to help themselves? You decide.
I don't understand why people say being kind is hard. It's the easiest thing in the world.

Just remember that everyone else is a human being with thoughts and feelings, and wants to be treated decently. Same as you do. Then treat them as you'd want to be treated.

You don't have to be sickly sweet telling people how they're a special snowflake. You don't have to run around making sandwiches.

Just think about what other people might want when you're dealing with them. And here's the kicker. It will make them like you more. So you profit from your kindness. They will also return the kindness, which will make your life better. So it's really the most selfish, efficient way to make your own life good. Get in the habit of being kind. It doesn't take much effort or time out of your day, and it'll make the people around you, as well as you yourself, happier :)

(But yeah, being right is also important! I'd prefer if our politicians worried more about being right, and worried less about appearing to be kind.)
not that i disagree with the sentiment. my question is, why is it always the voice that tells the heart to shut-up? because it can? now, if it was the voice that listened, and the heart that spoke, would that be at least as irrational as telling a heart to listen? just wondering out loud?
yup! ur right! by d way which country do u belong?
if you think about this too then it doesn't make any sense.....sometimes its good to just feel!
well i dont think that being nice is so easy. humanity tend to take kindness as weakness and use it to their advantage. so there for i am very careful who i am nice to. but i am courteous. i do not mistreat people just for the sake of doing so. right or wrong not much of an issue. its always good to be right and nice:)
i disagree ...a real heart who is willing for once goodness will always try to be right than being kind...
Smart is one who is kind!!!! What do you hav of a cruel smart person???
kindness is greater than any thing
But please, no more comic sans.
ya Micheal u r right,some tym in life, two condition come, some tym we ve to show kindness and some time we should be a gud listner
Yeah!!! Thats gr8...but i still choose kindness over a brain!!
This kind of inane sentiment is great for pandering to the delusions of the terminally superstitious. It is nothing more than a concealed appeal for moral relativism and an excuse for lying. It is more important to do right than to make righteousness declarations. It takes great courage to be right when everyone else is wrong.
Bullshit. Being right is always the most important.

Being kind to a lie is not kindness at all.
I don't like that at the same time this paragraph tries to make its point regarding kindness it's ridiculing what it obviously tries to oppose. Do you agree with me that "being right" has a negative tune to it and that it will therefore make "being kind" appear so much more positive. What if I just changed the tune a little like that: "To be kind is more important than to be true" Do you still agree with it?
Don't agree that this is always correct. Sometimes to be right is far more important than to be kind.
K...every person likes to b right....but people AROUND you like u wen ur kind!!
So true... would that more would take notice!
U mean listening to eveeeeeerrrrrrY thing even not important or true.Is it being kind to b lied to.
Sounds like what Jesus says about compassion is greater than sacrifice.
I disagree somehow because... no, you can't please everybody.
And many times, what people really need, is someone willing to stop treating them like a child, eggshell-fragile, with delicate feelings, who - thinking maybe they're old enough to hear the tough truths, tells them "Would you please grow the heck up and stop acting like a twit?"

You don't need to be a doormat to help people, and you don't need to treat them like a fragile, special snowflake in order to respect them.
A Good Listener is more better than a fine speaker...Always listen first before we talk....thats the trick....Good One
As Ricky Gervais said, kindness is magic, its more important to be kind, than clever or good looking.
yah that is true :)
I can't agree with that 100%. By been nice you breed mediocre performance. I am for constructive critics!!! 
true, but sometimes the kindness and lack of being honest hurts more in long run.
You guys are all too deep
Me Mine
;] i think at my age, and the way i see things i have no time for lies, if i am truly a friend i can and sort of have the obligation to say what i feel , if i dont say like no those pants really do make your ass look big if that is the truth, and if she is my true friend she shoulnt take offense if i feel a need to say it., Honesty MUST come first, acceptance regardless of what is said, usually REAL friends can also finish sentences for each other...
I disagree. If someone is being stupid, I'm going to call them out on it.
it is right when a person is fell down by heart
Bullshit sentiment for lazy people. I start to really dislike the hot stream. Is the world really that full of idiot airheads. 
Listening can be better than giving advice but if your loved ones are going the wrong direction you better speak out even if you sacrifice being kind. You are not kind if you let your friends and family walk off a cliff they can't see. 
People have different opinions. Debate respectfully. 
So listen when they are too tired to pay attention to you but make sure to tell them something when they feel at least a little bit better. 
yeah I admit everybody is like that ,,, but sometimes not
There is a time to listen and a time to give advice. Just don't let your friends do something stupid. 
"In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant." Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant ~ Elwood P. Dowd (Harvey, 1950)
There's a great need for people who listen. Mostly because about 65-75% of us are extroverts and only know how to talk...
I hav de opposite bf is a listener and im most of the time its quiet....
good one..............................
Love it..sometimes I feel like ai am taken advantage of for being KIND. 
fail! if u know better and don't speak up, the world will be filled with stupid pricks 4ever!
Dont compare yourself with anyone in this world if you do so you are insulting yourself
+Carol Kappes Yes, I agree that Steve Jobs heard voices in his head. That would explain the Nazi like culture at apple and the apple insanity culture.
This doesn't seem to make much sense. If you can't be kind and right, but must be one or the other, then right is always better. Because in the end, lying does a disservice to everyone involved in the lie, both the teller(s) and the recipient(s). Unless this is saying "don't be kind or right, just shut up and listen." That definitely seems like a possibility.
Yes, I totally agree with it.
why this word talking about me.
Is there such a thing as a "white lie"?
In love, friendship and social relationships... Yes.
On the job (depending on the job) I'll usually go with "right" over "kind". You're not usually paid to be kind. You're paid to do a job, correctly
So so awesome and true
Absolutely! Be kind and sit quietly while your friend makes a left turn when he should have gone right, because being kind is better than going right. Lol
Just jokes 
this one attitude can change the world to a better place.....
Stupid people like lies, they prefer them to the difficult truth. Then they make gaudy graphics about it. Derp. Later it'll be time to get back down on your knees and say stuff to a magic invisible sky demon. Then bedtime and sleepy dweams. Oh I do hope Santa brings me a red bike.
If you are kind, you will have a special heart and you will listen which makes you brilliant!!!
As I see it, there's a difference between being right, having to be right, and being honest.
If I say that 2 + 2 is 4, then I'm right. If I say that 'eating junk food will make you ill regardless of how much you eat or how often' and keep repeating that when people explain how they eat it and they're not ill, then that's slipped over into 'having to be right' And if I say that someone is a bit thin, or a bit fat then I'm being honest - if that's what I believe.
Of course, there's a difference between being honest and being right as well, if only because sometimes perceptions get skewed or people don't have all the facts. It is possible to be honest... and completely wrong at the same time.
A lot of arguments come about when people have to be right and won't accept that there is room for disagreement.
Am I right assuming that being kind and listening is what women naturally do while logic and communicating information pertains more to men?
Y- Fi
I agree
I disagree. You could be as kind as the world has ever known and a bowling ball is still going to hurt if it falls on you from a height so when I scream
"Move now you overtly special listener!"
You should probably do so.

These are two different talents, each with its own time and place. Striving for a modest amount of each should be more important than either alone.
if you have a special heart that listens, you will have a brilliant mind that speaks the truth...
A brilliant mind that listens trumps a brilliant mind that speaks any day.
That's like the most wonderful quotation I've read xo far!! Nyc!!!
True... Shut ur mouth, and open ur heart!

not bad.... but depends on the ground situation...
listening is more important than speaking. after all we are bestowed with 2 ears and 1 mouth!!!!!
It's surely TRUE but some people aren't like that
Sometimes kindness can be mistakin for weekness and then asswholes will try to take advantage.
..unless that person is my Doctor, airline pilot, or the guy that designed the brakes on my car. I would prefer them to be right even if they make little bunny rabbits cry.
i believe it all depends on the situation. :(
might just be true though not all the time though atleast in todays world
absolutely, in particular for women, be patient to listen is better than sweet words.
correct and it will serves us good
To be right is better than being kind because when you are kind, u might not be right but when u are right u'll definitely be kind and its also better to listen than to talk. Coz no matter hw brilliant ure u cant knw everything. So b reserved or listen so dat u'll gain more from people talking.
True...But It's not possible to change others instead change one self
"The first rule for life is to be kind.
The second rule for life is to be kind.
The third rule for life is to be kind."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
"a Special Heart that Listens" = friend-zoned after the first date.
new fa
wow nice 1,,,
Ears are better at listening than hearts, which are basically just made of muscle.
yes heart which listen to others that's most important.....
did any one hear about hillary?
Ya! I agree wth dis. 100% trueeeeeeeee!
Nice, wish it were more true in real life.
sometimes you need to be TRUE to be KIND. even if it hurts
I really hope that this is some kind of joke. This is the same kind of rhetoric that results in kids in US schools being given trophies for taking part.
The real world crushes weak-minded, caring people like these who think everything is okay as long as they try.

Be respected for being smart, succeeding and articulating yourself well. If you just think trying is all that matters, you'll be destroyed by this world or your kids will be because you're a terrible parent who didn't properly prepare your child. Get a grip, people.
you have a heart of a salesman my friend. stay in that path, don't try to be an engineer, a scientist, or a docter.
But how will people know they are wrong unless I tell them?
Brilliant insight, but I'm feeling blue!
I believe a friend should give time to listen and a true friend should give an honest comment bcos to lie is being cruel to your friend. The truth sometimes can be bitter but to be honest is better than to lie. Lying can send the wrong message & can later make things worse. Your friend may even turn around & blame you for lying to her/him. The only thing is to make the telling as less painful as possible if the comment is a bitter one.
Fail... YUR THE 499TH, IM THE 500TH. w00t!
i wish i have a kind heart that listens well :)

my 1st 500th.. i dont know whats so special, but i do feels wow.. haha..
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