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yes, and 2D is always better than 3D
maybe they are if you can remember your dreams
Jus sayin, #yolo so why would you waist your time dreaming about things that haven't happened when you can make them happen in reality.
But it's better in reality so try to make it happen here
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...... yaaa
So true , but how you can deal with nightmares ??
I don't see how people agree with this pic...
but the problem is, I usually do not dream...
Dreams are where your draw your inspiration from for a better reality.
Thats good untill you get bed sores, I think myself I might reduce that to a few times a week
Yes sometime... but not always... even dreams are sometime bad!! +Lebanon
I am not sure because I never had dream during sleeping.
really sometimes i get wierd dreams
Couldn't agree more. I just had a weird but fantastic dream. I had a lot of money! Haha!
Better... not always... different... almost always. Nice graphic, though.
"Had a dream, I was king. I woke up, still king."
- Eminem
I have days like this lol :) but its hard sometimes. i get distracted by shiny things...
nawww. i love sleeping because it takes my mind off of reality.. nd is the only time i can be in my own world
In life you are never guaranteed the good or the bad, and when sleeping you are never guaranteed a dream or a nightmare. The difference is that in real life you are consciously, and deliberately making decisions, so our real responsibility lies in real life.
This is an example of a sad,sad life. you need a huge
but those who convert there dreams into reality r better then u all sleepy men....
M Poole
Life already is but a dream... So which one is more real?
Wei Ye
I rarely have dreams now, don't know why.
What if you get a nightmare you sleepy pie?
Its like the time when i rode on a Taco...................... Yahh.... Never gonna happen:(
I finally think my reality is better than my dreams <3
Face reality with brave heart.........Bravoooooooooo
This reminds me of something my dad told me once. "If someone is sleeping too much, that is an indicator that they are not happy and trying to escape reality." While it is great to dream, it's greater to live a life we enjoy.
well actually only sometimes.
what is sleep an my in laws beleive dreams dont exizt..lolol....jk mom
Do bad dreams count as "better than reality"? Hahaha
san tan
not always better
This week I couldn't agree more but as a rule......reality rocks!
to bad you have such a boring life especially if your a jelous muthafucka fish fish yall belong and deserve to swim together cause imma fly with my love and see,ill see you on the other side of the pin
no don't agree b'cuz dream can be change 2 reality if you are having faith in yourself.
I 2 agree...!!! , but still dreams can be turned into reality :)
Good way to avoid reality, but not a good way to face difficulity. We can keep smile even we face big problems.
hahahaha this is me definitely
this is really true .because in dream you are the king of your life
+Brandi Taylor Amen brother. I married a sexy little filipina, have wonderful kids, life for this guy is way better than any dream, it's that perfect.
NO, don't agree. I had a nightmare last night which was scarier than reality. LOL
send a freaken txt on my land line again i knw it was you u shouldve greeted her happy bday
i like to dream too :)
nope..i <3 daydreaming better than sleeping (if nightmare still on*)
As long as im dreaming about money and then it becomes reality
I guess...but even when dreams could be better...reality is reality! pff
Now if only I could remember those dreams.
i love waking up because it gives me an opportunity to make my dreams come true
but some dream are denger than reality
arun kb
there is no growth in dreaming..
And dreams are free, reality costs money.
NOT!!! I hate wet dreams
But I like watching Movies because I forget the real world!
Nope, reality beats fiction by far.
Except when my dreams are super messed up. Like I had this pillow that played music and it gave me VERY WEIRD dreams...
In my dreams, i'll became an Prime Minister. Oh!! It's so cool when so many sexy gurl standin' by my side. I liked it bebeh.
i agree in a different way but we all need reality
:) wat if u have a wet dream?
No way. I have really crappy dreams...more like nightmares. I'm thankful for my reality. It isn't always ideal, but at least I'm awake!
My dreams are pretty fantastic, but it depends on how well my reality is going...
Yep That's right. That's what time it is for me right now
Dream or no dream Sleeping is Healthy!!!!
i agree....i wish my dreams become reality though
i get sad when i wake up from a good dream. it makes me depressed lol
aah...yup dreams are a great time pass even day dreaming..its true dreams are sometimes life in a paradise..but whatever happens in reality also happens for good..Allah knows better..
It is not for always and all dreams are not good...
But I love dreams, both day-dreams and the other kind.
it is up to you to make your reality better than your dreams. damn that's zen.
Hoa Hua
of course,that reason i want to sleeping
Maybe for lazy guys who's scared to face reality
I would like to sleep without dreams, and I have dreams for my life.

nope, i get nightmares
Dreams are wonderful but no use in reality.......!
so, don't waste time in sleeping.
Well live must be sad at your's if you have to dream it away ; sleep & dreams are sweet but nothing beats a cool crisp morning after a good dreamy night.Gets me ready to face life's reality's face on I love the challenges that the reality of life through at me both good & bad both happy & sad take life by the balls & never back down.
no dreams are but a view of how reality could be. its up to us
Sometime people have a nightmare :(
but dreams can sometimes also become NIGHTMARES
Do not attempt to think, depression will ensue. Curfew is 7 o'click sharp after work. So on and so wtf..
I have nightmares, about waking up :)
NOW ...I AM A dreamer w/t open eyes. Life is beautiful
Honestly, reality is way better. Even if you dream you still have to engage yourself to make things happen, unless you prefer living in utopia
Cin Mak
Nope! Reality is way better...although your dreams plant the seed to make things a reality. :)
Vu Tran
yah, really:D
yes i do agree. i love sleeping too.
We need to cancel nightmares mentally, and share with others the good dreams.Dream is in general a guidance from our creator,if it's a good dream.
Kind of sad. Reality while not always perfect still rocks fantasy. Sad there are people that have not figured out reality rocks!
But what is Reality and what is Dream, for how do you know that when you dream you are not entering the Reality from which other Dream to escape?
Reality is one set of mind it could be fake or real to some, but its your truth that's it nothing matters.
mmmmm yeah true most the time........
Well, sometimes dreams do come true.
shri D
ya dats fact... and good reason for lazy persons also :)
Sam C
I make my reality better than a dream.
Betteridge's Law of Headlines is an adage that states, "Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word 'no'" :)
yup true...reality is what you make it for yourself. Sometimes...though what you cannot control is a nightmare!
Sometimes I don't remember my dreams :(
its correct but its not right in any time u can dream any thing but try to full fill it
i always get what i want in my dreams. though my dreams are very exotic and far fetched
i m the 1000th pluser.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I so agree with this, except when the nightmares come...
i love sleeping, because i just love it... and i don't like dreams if i couldn't make it true :D
Perceptions have been distorted and particular areas of the eco have been drained. Artificial comments flood the blog buckets and its obvious, the clone army has arisen to blather idiotic emptiness across the main stream
that depending our life at all,, depending each people at all..
just enjoy you're life so you gonna found something precious in piece of life.
dream is part of our life, use our dream to make our reality as like dream.
Unfortunately - or fortunately (?) I seem to have little control over either!!
But we will have to face reality with open eyes.
Google+ needs a minus button. Reality is /GREAT/!
yyyyyyyyya i agry with u jaanu
Really its true some times not every time
I like dreams, it's like we all somewhere when we dream. Download "Dream on "
App it's pretty cool. You can see your dream activity.
What if dreams are our second life through our brain connections to different world ?
That's Why we are dreaming once we are sleeping :)
is death!!!!! hahahhahhahhaa always dreaming....
Reality is 1000 times better than dreams because reality is some thing which is at least real not fake like dreams
i sometimes choose to go back to sleep simply to avoid knowing what's real
c mh
In Mumbai life is horrible......
When your THINKING are you DREAMING?
Well this old contrarian must say that awakening with a scream from a nightmare makes reality really great. Only since 1966, but who's counting?
Dreams are only better than reality when you're a consumer and not a producer. Dreams happen to you. Reality is where you make things happen. Dreams are candy. The real world is the food that feeds our souls. always make us happy even day dream!...
well, idk, some of my dreams are too tech filled even for an IT...
Agreed. Kinda remind you of the Matrix right?
The more you like sleeping the more dreadful are awakening. I wake up literally in terror nowadays.
No way... Reality you should be recognize.
Maybe a trip to the psychologist is in need if you really prefer a dream to reality.
Have you really experienced REALITY ever?
reality you never forget but dreams is dream.......?
iip iip
dreams > reality
It is almost the same if you say "I love drugs, because the life with them is better than the reality".
a dream can come to reality but reality cannot come to a dream.
Nightmare will not hurt us in real actually :p
What about make the nightmare as an our experiences???
Ila ria
quanto è vero!!!!
ur dreams can cme true if u make reality a dream......
Yes, I agree. I refuse to +1 your post, however, because I'm sick of you whoremongering attention with your redundant reposts. If you seriously wish to entertain the masses of stupid drones, go back to Facebook and stay there. Otherwise, post some quality content and actually contribute to this website.
ooookkkk michael the mystic ha ha not realy
Dreams exist so dreams are an aspect of reality.
Maybe our dreams are a part of reality, while we're sleeping we're tapping into our desires and emotions. When we wake, it has no significance because we don't know how to embrace the dream that we carry within ourselves.
Dreams better than reality? No way. Anyone who thinks that needs to take charge of their life and change it.
Lisa L
They say dreams are real only as long as they last, couldn't you say the same thing about life?
dreams are not what u see when sleeping... dreams are that not let you sleep....
. . . unless you're dreaming about rabid hamsters.
I partially agree, as sometime I found myself in an annoying nightmare which is part of a dream.
not realli (johannes lorup) its jst better wen its in ur dreams cuz every thing cums ture nd if u dont no tht then tht shit is a fuckin shame
Dreams always comes true in sleep !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not really coz sometimes i have bad bad dreams
always aim is our dream but not dream is our aim
but we r not part of dreams, we r real
yo Jay
Yea....realiiii truuuu
I'm seeing mostly nightmares where all my friends are ignoring and hating me. So reality better.
There is something called Nightmare, did the sleeping beauty miss out on that part of dreams?
with this quote i remember the "Inception" movie :)
Can "YOU" experience a DREAM without being involved?
If u r in bad faze of life then true, otherwise....not
reality is the source of dreams in another word. So we should mix.
M Lavanya
Most of the times....
Its so true i always have the best dreams :)
no mr pankaj .. you are 499th
I am 500th ;)
No i am "heheh"
During vacations i sleep till noon
sometimes not true

(Some people happy be the 500th commentator include me, this is my 2nd 500th comment :D :D :D)
that is so trow i nevr get hurt   in my drens but i awasy get hurt in reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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