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Funny Emoticons in Real Life.....
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where's ROTFL or LMAO?????
pa wee
troll face!!
Emoticons are so 2010. It's the meme age now.
middle 1 is wrong. tongue should be out to the side
nice facial expressions :D
Watch comments, stupid idiot!
where the the (-.-) face ?
+Meghan Mulay brb=be right back & lol = laugh out loud, u use it when someone says something funny ....
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Dawn F
thats funny:)
thanks 4 gvng the meanings....
good expressions ha..... :)
hahahahaha so true........ am i weird to do those faces wen i type them????? cuz i do
LOL and BRB are not emoticons!
the mad face really creeps me out....
as long as someone texting LOL is actually laughing out loud... (i dont like lies)
Samu S
That was boring
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