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Beautiful and very creative....
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Todos os seres tem essências particularmente semelhantes!
First one to comment!!!! :)
Similar to the other picture. but yet very real..!! :-)
Poop... 2nd one :( First one to share, though!!!
the girl who's smiling radiates the most karma or is it that her face has a wee bit more time in the loop?
its not.... its not funny i didnt say that
Very Very Very Creative. I am very Impressed....
after a couple of minutes starring.....I start to wonder and count how many people but faces keep changing, and finally need an aspirin
was that me in there?...nah...creative yes, funny no...I didn't laugh
I get so tired of looking at these. Who cares!
Its amazing .... I think, there must be magic in every face..
wt do u think....????
hahaha..... cool!!!!!.......amazing.......wonderful creativity
@Natalie S.
It makes the sense of skilled editing
Interesting! Any speed control over the image changes?
help, terminator disguise into human form!
perhaps the nature to create humans the same way?
cool!!!!!.......amazing.......wonderful creativity
cn u tell me hw it is done............
kem dee
like it.........
kool. i prefer these effects in animation..............
wow really creative..........
ray lau
a little bit dizzy!
I saw this thing the other day , so ?
Really its nice and beautiful
cool great fantastic very nice???????????
how are ppl creating these supre cool animations and do i need to be a multimedia expert to create one?
this is crazy looking...but i like it!
dorio x
how many faces?
Remind me of face recognition technologies shown in Hollywood movies.
Interesting however, why no African people featured? Oh...because its a black n white contrast video effect...Just asking....
cool personalities in gif
its really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's totally creative !!
That's a really cool morph effect. Love it! Probably one of the best examples that I have seen.
VERY GOODDDDDDDDD.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Koi acha kaam b kar liya karo janab koi achi c snap lagao
Love This ! sooooooo much!!!
El Befe
I see tom york jajaja
Dos ojos, dos orejas, dos cejas, dos labios, una boca...
Awesome! Goes to show how similar we all are when we only 'look' different !
...and pretty scary ^^
Divya R
awww awesommeee :O :O :O
It's Black, It's White
It's Tough For You
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Very creative !!!!
Really awesome. How can I do it?
In the same way that 3D TV is had for me to view, this image is nearly uncomfortable to look at.
this pic is so cool and weird at the same time
how in the hell did u do that......... lmao there noses move in a funny way lmao
It's like 5 different faces I think. That's pretty cool.
Ach! Ach! STOP!! that is just too much... makes my stomach hurt...not to mention my eyes feel assulted!!
Most interesting thing I've seen.
lol @ lynne hayes. a scanner darkly didn't have darks either
Really creepy. Really really really creepy.
Michael Jackson did that for the first time
Muy buena!!!!!!
Pero ... presten atención en un detalle... !!!!
Observen bien.... ¡!
Wow good example of creativity. Nice mind blowing...
It looks like the scene from MJ's Black or White video..=)
Fabulous, and WOW... I'm listening to the 28 Days Later theme song which goes with this perfectly.
natalie s. im not angry ???? i was just implying if you were talking to me?
Lo único que veo es dos personas diferentes...creo que en este tipo de cosas ando un poco limitado...ya me contarás
It seems that android could not play gif directly.
it looks like they are getting haircuts
where is the eye lashes in the right eye?
Anda Su
how to make it???
wonderful....... great creativity
This means.... All Human being are the same :D
You're very welcome +Micaël Reynaud, i appreciate your work. It's simply not fair when you have the work and this Funny Guy here gets the Fame without even mentioning you
Well, I think most people here don't care.
For example, with the previous motion (with comments actually closed), during 500 comments nobobody ask :)
The source of the previous motion is here :
Happy new years, guys
You're welcome +Micaël Reynaud. I agree with +Michael Holodynski, its not fair this page is getting is getting all this praise for a few of your pics without giving credit to where they came from. All it takes is 1 link.
marvelous, Nice, how it create? pls let me know, i am graphical designer
omg.....wats d software name......dis is pretty cool..........
Just stare at the eyes, It looks cool
nice idea but not great.... Where the roots of humanity?
is one of those guys the lead singer for Linkin Park?
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