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Apple! - Think different! - Don't ask questions, just pull out your credit card!
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When will the gadgets be attached with ATM machines?
"Not again" -- Hell yeah. I sympathize. I turned off my automatic updates long ago.
Sean Ma
I think they mean the operating system updates
If they mean operating system updates they should add a $150 price tag to the Windows guy and a $30 price tag to the Mac guy.
Ha, I've had the worst luck with Linux updates. You'd be lucky if it didn't break anything. You get what you pay for (or don't pay for). 
renas boy
OMG! Why should you pay for crappy software if there are happy guys making it better for free.

Brad, you'd be wrong. Linux is the OS. Things like the GUI run on top of it.
+Brad Confer Linux IS an OS. it has a kernel, a shell, a UI, and everything else. You're thinking about distributions or "flavors". Which is pretty much the same as Microsoft (company-linux doesn't bother with that kind of identifier) Windows (Linux) Vista (Red Hat)

This is not saying RHEL is as bad as fact, RH has been distributed to more government services than Many of the more modern Windows releases. 
Of all social networks I'm a member, Google+ has become the wasteland of Google-, Android- and Windows fanboys. You guys always have a good reason to shoot against that one company that does a few things quite well.
Linux is a kernel. GNU/Linux is the OS (ducks). Joking aside, I'd argue that, really, widely-used GUI toolkits, desktop communication bus, etc. are part of the OS
By the way, the notion that software should be free… Ask developers who spend their lifetime making it, what they think about not being paid for their work.
+David Yu has the right of it. Whoever made the comic shows their lack of knowledge. Even IF you consider the annual OSX releases to be "Updates", they haven't been more than $30. 
WTF? I've had a Mac for 7 years and I've NEVER had to to pay for an update.  This post is misleading and stupid.  If you're talking about new OS's then you're also wrong.  Leopard-Lion were all $30 upgrades and Mountain Lion is $20 while Windows has been consistantly $199+ This must have been made by an ill-informed fanboy.
+Frederick Revalee - if you're talking about Linux on the desktop, fair enough. But take a look at the server space -- anything from web hosting to database servers (Linux is Oracle's OS of choice) -- and at supercomputing - and the situation is widely different. Oh, and Android is Linux-based.
You get what you pay for? Linux runs BETTER than any other operating system. Windows is to Damn bloated for its own good (I have a computer that slows to a crawl on any Windows but is butter on linux) and with the Mac its just to Damn expensive. Over paying for a computer and then paying for a software update download that's stored within the apple ecosystem... No thank you. Linux and Android FTW
thats not totally true, I am not a apple fan but please get your facts right. Apple charges for a new OS similar to like updating windows XP to windows 7. even MS charges for that. only thing free is the updates & that is true for both. 
+David Yu Microsoft doesn't charge for service packs...Also, remember to get OSX, you have to buy Apple hardware, which is ungodly expensive! $2400 for a computer = no thanks
only thing totally free is linux. but that is beyond the scope of my head.
A Mac User is used to pay for it, a Windows User is used to get it anyway and a Linux use is used to get it legaly for free.
what scope you completly dont make any sence
All the comments that say true, do not have a Mac. Most updates are just that, updates, and are free.  The only cost is a new OS version and is less than $30 for as many computers as you can install.
+Brad Confer Linux is very much an OS. I think you are confusing an OS with a GUI, which is an optional component that can run on top of Linux.
I like the windows update, because just as you've got you PC working Microsoft come out with an update. You download & install it, this takes a couple of hours after which no applications on your PC will work. You then a couple more hours trying to uninstall the update, happy days. 
I'd rather run windows then crapple anyday, give me an idiot based linux os that looks flashy and I'd run it in a heartbeat and from what I've seen from crapple on desktops its about as far ahead of windows as it is of android in the phone and tablet department ........ r.i.p crapple!
Linux is the way to go!!!
+Michel Alexandre Salim OS = Kernel, shell, UI, drivers. Win32 is a bunch of packages released with the OS. (not called packages in windows, but go with me on this) The functions of the operating system are not dependent on the most of the things in Win32. Its the apps that the user's use that then talk to the shell. Win32 are just front-end apps and/or middleware to talk to, what is formerly known as the windows shell. But technobable doesn't have a shell anymore, the UI goes directly to the kernel now. Even drivers are a software layer upon the OS, but they're required to get the hardware to run properly. 
+rob wijhenke I tried to put Linux on my laptop with an SSD the other day after a few years of not using it. 4 distros could not find or install correctly to the SSD. I went back to Windows 7 - it just works.
linux? never heard of it.
+Tony Fannin sorry mate, your wrong. The really story is linux is just the kernal. Gnu is the OS. The windows managers are the GUI. Although I'm in the group that thinks collectively we should just call it linux.
+Wayne Martin look into Linux Mint, Ubuntu (10.04 or 10.10), or even  Fedora is getting more user friendly. You'll just have to learn to use it. Its different, like everything else. But no where near as cryptic as it was
Regular software updates for OS X are free. Major version upgrades are $19. Show me where you can upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 for $19.
Except it's not true at all... Apple doesn't charge for most updates, and the next OSX version is only $19. Is it funny when comics make things up?
I think legally you can only install the $29 update on computers belonging to you (though Apple doesn't really police that).

Updates used to cost more -- Apple did sell family packs, and I used to use OS X when the update costed $129 for a single license!.
That's what everyone wish.  

I did an update on Linux (a couple of months ago) when they switched to the Unity UI and failed to boot afterwards.  While I'm not blaming the developers who worked hard to deliver the update, the truth is that everyone pictures the OSes as the image above but the reality is quite different.  I never had an issue with Windows update, but this does not mean that Windows updates do not cause problems.
+Wayne Martin You clearly have used neither Apple or Linux extensively and are trying to sound intelligent. Maybe next time , do some research , try a few things out before turning into a delirious big mouthed prick. Thank you for your time.
I have been using mint linux for quite a while. It is probably the most friendly for an ex windows user who just wants stuff to work. I have never gotten a virus, never had to hack malware out of my registry. Its been at least 3 years and I still get calls from friends to fix their windows machines, which I generally manage to do.
Paul Ed
So true , had 5 looping updates for windows .Net , and it's driving me mad , followed all of the readme and its still there .lol
You know..NONE likes free stuffs..Coz free stuffs SUCk for normal beings..!
It's funny - while not totally accurate, the general idea is pretty much there. There's a lot of misunderstanding about Linux, as well as the other OS's.

Running Slackware Linux here - a good stable and solid operating system with great robust security features built right in - no need to fuss with anti-virus software.

Oh, and lots of really cool free stuff...
Linux saves alot of time for me since it doesnt mess up, and is free at the same time. Low cost overall. :) 
linux and mac , like comparing  an old reliable girlfriend that knows you , and a 5 star hotel bar "companion" that only want your $$$$
The Windows and Mac guys wouldn't be sitting that close to the Linux guy as he is obviously not wearing deodorant.
I upgraded my netbook running Mepis 11 last night.  It's now running a 3.3.0 kernel and KDE 4.6.5 which I will upgrade to 4.7.3 at some point.  All using free tools and documentation provided by the relevant FOSS communities/developers.  Occasionally, I make a donation to help with the costs these guys incur doing what they do but that's my choice.  I also contribute in a number of other ways that don't directly involve cash.  end result is a system that is still rock solid stable despite being hacked about as described.  Try picking which bits you'd like to use from various versions of Windows or OS X.  You'd find it impossible.  Linux = freedom to have a tailor made system should you wish.
Even major OS Upgrades are only $29 on OS X. Compare that to the multiple versions and price points associated with Windows upgrades. Clearly this was written by a Linux enthusiast, but there is always the question of "which" Linux they are talking about. Red Hat with  4-sockets with unlimited virtual guests Premium Support is $6498 per year. It's disingenuous to say "Linux is free". Every OS has costs.
Even apple siri on ios said linux is the best operating system!
Must have hit the mac boys pretty close to the mark to get them all riled up like this ;)
+Brad Confer No linux is an operating system. It can use multiple guis and file managers but all distrobutions of linux are variations of the same OS.
They're all overweight. That's why Chromebooks are the best. Chrome OS FTW!
Ubuntu is awesome, Windows is necessary, and Mac is garbage. Cheers
LOL, so true!
Im still laughin, im the windows guy @ work, and the Linux guy @ home :)
Chrome Books, a new way for google to spy what are you doing ONLiNE
Are the $30 updates from Apple able to run standalone?  If not, you can't compare it to upgrading-Vista-to-7.  You'd compare the updates to Windows service packs, which are indeed free.
Laugh it up you lot but my Mac is 100% up-to-date and I have spend a grand total of £20 on OS upgrades in the last 3 years.
Also, I can count the number of times I've been asked to reboot in the last year on the fingers of one hand.
Windows? Never again...
I love how g+ is just filled with windows fanboys. A new OS? Apple-$30. Windows-$150. 
+        ++++    +
+        +    +    +
+++    ++++    +++
Matt C
+David Pinnow I wouldn't really say Windows fanboys. Even so, it's more like Apple - $30, Windows - $0.
@Winston Cheng Yes, the $20-$30 upgrades are stand-alone OS's.  You can purchase the OS and put it on a clean drive and it runs perfectly.  You don't need a pervious version of the OS to use the updates.  They are basically new OS's.  
I have used both Windows and Mac extensively and I must say that Mac is better for most tasks, with the exception of gaming and maybe programming.

As for Mac being "outrageously" expensive, that depends on the type of computer you're getting. Say you get a decent laptop for $500. Windows 7 Ultimate is around $220. Added to that is MS Office Professional $500 (that's how much it is at Best Buy anyways). That comes to around $1,220. I realize that most people aren't going to get of all that, but I just chose the best MS offers for the purpose of illustration.

On the other hand, you can get a MacBook Air that, performance wise is quite comparable to a regular laptop, with the exception that it has SSD so it won't store as much as a normal laptop. That will cost you $1000 for the base model. The operating system comes with the computer. iWork, Apple's equivalent to Office, is $80. This will come out to around $1,080.

#just saying

I do have one question though, why does Microsoft create so many versions of the same product? Seriously! There's like 3 versions of Windows 7. Why not just have one standard version?
+David Pinnow OS X gets a cheaper OS because they buy expensive hardware from Apple to fund that OS :p
+Jonathan Clark That's nice. Linux: $0 for OS, $0 for updates. I had a system run for 2 years continuously w/o a reboot. You can update almost everything on Linux/Unix without a reboot.
+Navarr Barnier Expensive hardware? lol Apple uses the same cheap shit everybody else uses. Take Foxconn for instance, known to be a cheapo garbage brand for geeks but it's standard for apple... lol ... garbage.. the only real difference is the operating system... in fact you can run linux on a mac... cheers
Microsoft creates multiple versions because it has to cater to 75% of computer users, which is billions of people, all with different needs and different levels of hardware.
OSX is cheaper because the hardware and the software is notoriously expensive, freaking app store. Linux could also read, oh great now my mouse doesn't work.
Or you could just buy a laptop: $500
Copy of Linux: $0
Copy of LibreOffice: $0

Total Cost - $500
my wife's mac update made all her SIMS versions stop working.
Honestly all of you are nuts. Apple stole their original code from Novell, Microsoft stole the idea of Windows from Apple. Linux has been under the GNU for forever. Apple hardware is expensive, it is all proprietary other than the Intel CPU/Socket. Apple frowns highly upon users upgrading their own machines. You can't build an Apple computer (Hackintosh doesn't count). Apple/Linux are Unix based, Microsoft is not. Microsoft doesn't make computers, they make software, so comparing Microsoft with Apple is like comparing Apples with Oranges (pun seriously intended).
+Steve Masters the multiple versions is really about included apps and features. Hardware support is the same across the board with the exception of Windows Server which adds additional hardware support for server hardware.
Leo Sam
linux for poor, windows for middle class, mac for the reach
Windows has a flaw in that the updates never include any new functionality for the user to gadget around with. Average users never get to find out what do updates even do, or why are they important. Hence "Not again!"
+Wade B if an update costs ONLY 20$  that means apple has brainwashed u and have their hand in ur pocket 25/8
Windows does it in the background, and it's free just like Linux!
Lol. Welcome to the bitter reality.
Funny!  I've actually simply chosen not to upgrade... no cost incurred.  Although I this must be an older graphic as they've brought the price for major system updates down considerably.  All of the "updates available for my computer" have been incremental updates still being produced for my older system, and still free.

Say it with me kiddies... FUD is FUN!  Mis-information is free too, and leads people to make horrible decisions about their next purchases.

Linux is free, until your grandparents choose to use it, then you lose all of your nights and weekends to get them to be able to do anything with it.  Linux people tend to be tinkerers.  MS and Apple have to support their product.  It's fiscally responsible for them to have an un-alterable foundation from which to work when doing so.  They are also for profit companies, and need to make profits.  In the case of MS, it's traditionally been rushed to market, then patched as problems arise.

This comic illustrates the perceptions of the companies by a linux user, not the reality... but the reality never sees the light of day, so this is the representation that the public ends up hearing.
Well Alienware is the best for me. i play skyrim on it and it is worth the money. although the updates suck for that one too!
I love it! Anymore, I run Linux as my main operating system, but I also keep Windows around for those few but important applications that require it. 
c'mon even the whole-new Mac OS X is just $29,99, and normal upgrades are for free...
Mac OS updates and bug fixes are free. The last major revision to the OS was $29. The next will be $19.99
+Jef Smith, I'm used to using a lot of software on Linux that is unavailable on MS Windows or Mac OS X.  LVM, MDAdm, Kontact, XMonad, for examples.  So "major fail for software" on those OSes as well.  (CS1 and CS2 also run on Linux via CrossOver / Wine.)
+Cole McDonald I switched my mom over to Ubuntu a couple years ago, and she knows nothing about computers(I have had to show her how to turn one on before!) Compared to when she had vista, when I would have to be over there every couple of days to fix something, she barely ever has issues that she has to call me about. Linux does allow a lot of tinkering but it only needs doing once.
its a great operating system to work..... hassle free...... cheers man
leave it to Mac users to miss the point
Ok, to all the Mac users out there saying that $29.99 is all you pay, how much did your computer cost. After it becomes slow and you can't add any more RAM, how much will your next Mac cost?

So I'm about to upgrade my PC, since the GFX card is acceptable, same with the CPU and power supply (3 hard drives still good too), I'm going to upgrade to a new mainboard and 16GB of RAM for $300, since I already have a full licensed copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. I now will have a PC that will last me another 4 years, longer if I upgrade to 32GB of RAM at a later date.

So all you Mac users can keep going on and on about how your OS is cheap, but the computers you run that OS on are expensive. (See Below)

MacBook Air: From $999
MacBook Pro: From $1199
Mac mini: From $599
iMac: From $1199
Mac Pro (No Monitor): From $2499

Taken directly from Apple's Website.

The Mac Pro is the only one that you could upgrade on your own, all the others you have to either send in for service or stop by the Genius Bar.
These posts make my day at work! Love Google +
It's not about the money they cost, its about the control they have in you. They actually control you what you will use and what you will not. Most do not get it because that control comes in a gift wrap. I am fine with my Fedora installation, i can do whatever i want. Although it doesn't cost me, i will be happy to pay if they charge, as i know that i have the control on the OS, and not the other way round.
Google will clean WINDOWS and Eat apple....
One thing to keep in mind is Apple stuff tends to work fairly flawlessly, unlike Windows based updates, etc. Personally I'm happy to pay more money for a better user experience. Call me what you will. 
the only bad face were found on Windows !!!!
Punit T
why still not many linux users!!!
why so many users think that it is boring to update Windows?
+Louis Bank Mac's have their uses and PC's have theirs. I used to work in a small Print company and I found for DTP (Quark, Photoshop etc.) Mac's are by far better. But many clients, for cost reasons used Windows based software to produce artwork and for that the PC was just fine. 
Never seen what mileage there is in the whole Mac's better then PC argument, so much wasted breath!
true maybe in 2002 for windows, who has that kind of annoyance today?
THis is completely misleading... How come Mac update need to pay? This is absolutely bullshit stupid haters create... fuck u! LOSER!
Linux Ubuntu runs as fast if not faster than Windows 7. I have Win 7 64 bit on my Core i7 laptop but as it's a specialist music recording machine I didn't want to risk invalidating the guarantee. So I installed Ubuntu 32 bit on and external USB 2 disk drive as a stand alone OS - better than dual booting or running it within Windows (aargh). It boots slightly slower than Win 7 due to the USb (but is faster if running directly on the same spec laptop or PC) and shuts down in 7 seconds (the same as Win 7). It isn't as bloated or gimmicky as Win 7 (although my Win 7 setup was specially tuned and is devoid of any bloatware). To be truthful, if I didn't run Cubase or iTunes (for my iPhone) I'd only ever use Linux OS. 
Don't Fight ANDROID is the Solution...Apple is problem
This makes zero sense. Mac updates are free and new OS updates are $30 or $20 vrs. $200 for Windows.
Hahaaaaa!!!!! U r r8. Don't ever ask a single question. Because they think different, u hv to just pull out urge credit card from ur wallate. I been a Linux user and apple too. Everyday Linus getting more updated and amazing too. Windows :-( :-( :-(
Because you Don't get it...( how to operate)
My windows 7 updates almost everyday. Its killing my HDD. 
How Apple makes people believe that they need to pay for application, software and hardware that they shouldn't is beyond me. Once you buy an Apple product, they own you and your wallet.
+Ed Stockman There have been times when my Windows servers have rebooted themselves after installing updates (usually while I was sleeping, which causes huge problems) . Sure I probably configured them wrong, but overall Linux does a better job of updates.

If you have ever used Chrome OS before, you will understand how updates should be. Application updates are downloaded and installed behind the scenes, and the updates are automatically applied next time the program is used. System updates are also downloaded behind the scenes. A small icon will appear when a system update is ready, but will not interrupt the user. If the user notices the icon, you can reboot the computer. Most of the time though, the user doesn't even notice and the update is applied next time the computer is started up. What's really cool is the computer will still start in seconds, it doesn't take forever like Windows. 
How is it true? I think you'll find that Microsoft charge for major releases of Windows, just as Apple charges for major releases of OS X, Apple charge considerably less than Microsoft and less than $99. Be great if they were free, but they are in the business of making money.
Apple is Mafia company...owning your Wallet
I love linux. I have never had an issue with any distro I've used. I like mac too. I've never owned a macbook or whatever but have replaced my windows pc with it several times. I like windows too. From a nutral standpoint they ALL have shortcomings and great things. Simply put all the hate is just entertainment for people. Pay for mac if you want. Pay for windows if you want. Or get the good cracked stuff of the web. Like really who is still paying for anything.
By the way I thought we were supposed to be laughing at a picture ....
Yes this is so very true and Iknow first hand because I have used Windows, OSX, and Linux for years. Those that say think Linux isn't an OS or only used by hackers shows me just why a lot of people just don't understand computers at all. For those that thought the price tag was for updates and not for new kernals just don't seem to be able to understand simple ideas even when presented in cartoon form. Of course you can get OSX new releases for less than $99 on a discount but retail they are $99 some times. Of course new versions (kernals) of windows can cost even more. LIke going between  from XP to windows7. For those that have tried one of the distributions (distro's) of Linux and it didn't work for them then why not try another?  They are usually FREE! For those that don't think nothing can be done professionally with a free OS like Linux then you really haven't been using computers that long or just don't care to read the tons of information of how certain distro's of Linux is used. I mean it IS in just about used in every server in the world and whether you know it or not EVERYONE uses some sort of Linux device that uses Linux as its base. It is just sad to me just how much it seems people just don't care to learn and only want a shinny premade OS with pretty eye candy GUI and have no idea what to do when something goes wrong, which happens to ALL and EVERY OS, just some more than others.  Frustrating to me to say the least on just how people don't understand or care. Now I also understand more why it is so easy to spread malware and such. People just don't care!
Not sure if this was your first time seeing... or if your just re posting...
Considering Windows automatic updating is once a month I think "not again" is best applied to Linux which gets updates every other day.
they said a year ago it was going to be 29.99 on the app store. but nice try. and "NOT AGAIN!" is right. cause i've been there.
Only 19.99 with the next update :-P. There are some updates apple releases for free though, an find a windows complete overhaul like win7 to win8 for less than 100 
I'm so glad that there are so many choices out there. Our household runs all three systems on multiple computies for different purposes. Humanity needs the hardcore fanboy flame wars like this to keep all the operating systems we use daily alive and kicking. Viva la difference.
+David Jackson haha good point... sometimes every day even... and flash player is complete crap in linux... i want to slap adobe
Everyone should let this go- simply for the reason you are talking about a DESKTOP OS!!!! You can't even compare and say "this is the best OS" when the arguing parties have no experience with Enterprise level Unix environments, building clusters or clouds. Or any idea about what scalability really means. What do you think is running most of the web? It's not Ubuntu or the flavor of the week linux distro. And it sure isn't Windows either......   Knuckleheads....GUIs- I don't need no stinking GUI....although a GUI can make things easier... sometimes...
Those that talk down Linux on the internet as being irrelevant and/or an unprofessional OS are pretty clueless.
I stopped using MS Windows 3.1 way back when, I have used every version of Linux out there... I'll never go back BTW my fave Linux is Slackware
+David Jackson good point! Windows vulnerabilities stay open until the next scheduled patch Tuesday at the earliest. Linux distros patch security vulnerabilities a lot quicker, usually the next day on average. Thanks for highlighting that.
Its funny to see people so out of the loop. Windows and mac fans battering against each other and ignoring the linux comments, its almost as though they know their wrong :) anyway if you keep up with events Microsoft banned from several markets and in serious trouble for shady business practices, Apple sued and repeatedly for shady business practices... 
Also the military uses linux, the government uses linux, satellites use linux, phones use linux, tablets use linux, servers use linux, all google tech runs on linux including android, and there are rumors that cars run on linux but idk.
If there isn't an i in front or Microsoft stamped on the ass its linux!!!
What I'm trying to say is when people stop paying for inferior technology I might get my damn hover car xD PEACE
Windows is 10 time more expensive for updated than mac!
Mac updates are free, usially once a month, only operating system updates cost and you're never forced to update. Older OS versions continue to get free updates for years.
Yes. All of those are running on Linus based platform but the main thing is People also getting
Yes i advise mac users buy apps and don't try to hack if u choose apple devices so u must respect its rules .
1. This image is fucking old.
2. 9GAG is shite.
3. you will never win, or even end, an operating system argument. Please stop trying to.
Linux - simplex. Windows its in everyone house & MAC, its totally a QUACK!!!! :P
Thank you +Frederick Revalee for being the dumbest commenter. Linux is the most used World-Wide OS. If you think its a little toy-OS for hackers then smash your WiFi Router up... because it most likely runs Linux like every other router. Now that you've had that realization here's another. Google runs on Linux... wow, I hope your brain is still OK. Then you've got about 60% of other web sites, e-mail servers, etc running Linux. Not to mention Android, TV Set-top Boxes, etc. Do you know why all of these use Linux? Because its the most stable and secure Operating System on the planet. Your comment about only hackers using it is so stupid, you think these smart hackers would run a insecure OS (Unlike their targets, Sony's PSN was running Window Server 2003 without Updates being installed!)
I think every operating system sucks for the reasons they aren't awesome. ;p Now if we could mash up all 3 that could be one powerful combination.
I wonder how many people on this list actually use Linux... and no updates to any OS have cost any money... ever. Upgrading to a newer operating system is not a system update. And I'd like to see Windows release a new OS for $20
Can't watch most videos on my iPad cuz it don't support flashplayer....
+Frederick Revalee Then you havent been to the movies in over ten years 'cause almost every big visual fx house (Digital Domain, ILM, Weta, Imageworks, RnH) works almost exclusively in one flavor of Linux or another. If you saw Avengers, Transformers or any Avatar then you are wrong.
yeah, that drives me crazy!!!! :D
I'm PRETTY sure Linux is considered an OS, but what do i know?
Jack Z
Ah good to see we can still get suckered into a Mac Vs PC debate.
They are led very well; just buy and drink the cool aid
If your reading this you'll be charged € 0.98....only on apple haha
not denying that the Linux kernel exists but the OS is called Linux. Anyway... I like comics that portray the truth about something.. even if they are a little far-fetched or skewed to make it more humorous but stuff that's just not true whatsoever is kinda boring... and then the comments by people that don't know much about the matter as if they are experts add to the disappointment of having the post show up on my feed. Oh G+, please choose my posts more carefully.
The best part of this is seeing all the fanboys immediately rush to use the price shown in the cartoon as the biggest proof of the cartoon being false. If it was an anti-Microsoft cartoon and the character was quoting a ridiculous price of $1,000 for a Windows OS, everyone would be all "Hahaha, it's so true!" But everyone gets all butthurt when it's their brand of choice being spotlighted for comedy.
In 8 years of doing Linux updates I've never had a problem like +Tim Thimman mentioned.  He must be spectacularly unlucky, or I am spectacularly lucky.  That said I've never had a problem with OSX updates (although major OSX upgrades often break a development environment but those happen far less often) and it has been so long since I had a Windows update (again, not a major OS upgrade) that actually broke something I've forgotten when it was - last century maybe?  Certainly pre-Windows XP.
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I love fan boy tears ... they are so nourishing 
This proves people will believe everything they see on the internet.  All the updates are free on Macs.  In fact, I just update my macbook earlier this morning. FREE.
looks like 3 idiots are working on 
Since when does a Mac update cost $99? I update my Mac frequently and can honestly say it's consistently been a simple process that has not costed me a cent. If you post one of these, at least post one that has at least a little truth behind it.
Laughed so hard I honestly think that I  bursted a blood vessel somewhere. Sadly, this all but too true.
My god, the inferiority complex of the apple users on this thread is funnier than the joke, itself. It's a poorly drawn cartoon... let's everybody calm down.
This graphic is misleading. If you're are truly speaking about updates to the operating systems, then updates are free across all three platforms. If you are speaking about the release of the newest version of the three operating systems, then only linux is free, and only for the truly free versions of linux. This is not true for the linux versions you purchase. 
lol @ all the mac fans defending apple
paying for an update makes no sense no matter how much it is
Microsoft doesn't copy apple. (only apple fans think that microsoft does)
dont be stupid ok?
I have Windows 7: i have to deal with  the BSOD every 4-5  hours a day!
how many of you windows people use windows phones? android phones? iphones? yeah, i thought so....
The graphic is a funny pic. As the profile says.... Only Apple fanboys don't get the joke
Never once paid for an update. Funny thing is, whenever a new OS hits, it's $30 for Mac, and $140 for Windows. Whatevs. Haters gonna hate. 
LOL hilarious

sent from my iPad
Matt V
These anti apple things are so dumb and not true at all. Sounds like sour grapes. Who pays for updates? No one. If it means upgrading to a new OS then windows is the most expensive. 
mxm x
" ooh only $99 " hhh
i hate it when they do that -_- but google chrome was free and that made my internet faster so yay :D
hahahaha lolx apple
.... Apple releases new "OS's" every year, the equivalent to a windows service pack, and charges you for them, assuming your mac isn't 3+ years old, in which case you have to buy whole new Mac
Ha ha :) This is my post. Pic's from 9gag but the tag line on top is mine! This is the essential problem with the web. We keep seeing the same thing again and again because people know that reposting a popular post will get you more shares and followers than simply posting something new.
+Shannon Ladd - Ha!  I like trucks.  See how we did that?  Total slight of hand evasion.  We are masters of conversational influence.
LOL....that is so true
So true! I use to dread my Windows XP updates cause I'd have everything running well and an update that I had to have would appear.😁 I have a MacBook and updates are easier to apply.😄upgrades for my pc 💰vs upgrades for my MacBook -💰are as different as night and day.

Wow, all the Apple fans sure do get upset easily!
Yeah...thats why OSX lion was 30$ while windows is still hundreds....  Get the facts straight.
All the Macfags are coming out in force!
When the iPhone 5 comes out with its new totally proprietary incompatible connector and the fanbois have to replace everything - and only with overpriced Apple-approved kit  - oh how we Android user will laugh ;)
And irony is that Steve Jobs call other unimaginative.
Ubuntu is really a pretty cool OS. People who use it will agree. :)
I must insist, apple´s updates are not payed, only when you want to get the next OS apple´s charges you, I have a Mac, I have never been charged for an update.
IMO brand loyalty is dumb either way you go. Enjoy a product because it's good and if that brand puts out crap, call them out on it. 

As for the cartoon, I get that it's a joke but aren't jokes suppose to have some truth to them? If it's a joke about OS upgrade prices, shouldn't windows be the butt of the joke? If you want to talk about hardware, then yeah, Apple rapes your wallet...

With that said, I THINK what the cartoon means is that they didn't change all that much in Mountain Lion so it should have been free? Maybe? I don't know, either way the comments are hilarious :D
LOL True story...
@ Win2 => WTF FUUUU
@ Linux => Cant wait to update mine...
@ Mac => Shut up and take my money
Funny a few years ago, but my MacBook has never charged me for an update and when a new version of OSX comes out, it's half the price of Windows and you don't have to wait years.  There's plenty of open source software that I rely on and you can usually get your old linux favourites via `brew`.

It's silly all this pointless arguing - I have enough money, I don't mind paying for things, if something came along that was better (regardless of who made it), I would use that instead.

Before this, I used Ubuntu for years - if you can't afford a Mac, I would recommend it highly.  Once you can, make the jump and you'll find that actually charging for their software enables Apple to create a highly-polished product that marries the joys of a *nix architecture with the benefit of a huge R&D budget.
For f***'s sake, is this really worth arguing about? A pc is a pc, it either works or it doesn't. Everything else is tedious bullshit.
Thats why I don't like a payable 'stuff', so I can just easy say "Cool more free stuff and updates improvement, love it" :D *go freeware, opensource, linux addict :p hehehe
I think that the real question is ...which OS keeps you employed?
New updates to OS X aren't even $99 any more. They are more like 29.99. But now with Mountain Lion its $19.99
Apple makes it easy... Use the credit card peripheral on your iPhone... LMFAO
Are you people stupid?, can't you see the differency between update and new OS?, cheez, you are just a bunch of idiot trolls tryng to pull something, of course you pay for a new OS, or is that any windows distro was for free?, then again bunch of idiots, stay with your silly and infested güindous, I don't care, but don't lie to people, sad güindous users.
funny how a cartoon can get so many people riled up!
So far from being true, i get free updates constantly on my Mac and operating system upgrades are way cheaper than Windows.
Love this. Just pay to put money in the pOcket of developers. 
Which one actually protects it's users from viruses and spyware the best? I have only used windows and android cause both are flexible for customization.
this is why I have an iPhone, apps are usually only .99 cents
My mom has a Mac she that to oh mom
Hoh Hoi
That's true :)
Updating sucks,period. No matter the OS. I'm not updating my PC anymore until they include a matching harddrive to store all that crap on. Overtime you end up with gigs and gigs of update data and nothing to show for it.
I have a Android so its all free :-)
My mom has a Mac and she does that to... oh mom :-P
And I don't have a lap top at all so
Hehe, yes, that's about right! I am always happy when I get new updates for my linux system :)
This is called humor, you laugh at if or you don't. You don't defend your purchases or get offended. Its just a joke.
And honestly we all know Linux is best for those who build software, windows is for the normal user who feels apple charges too much for their hardware, and apple is for the person who thinks spending more means you've received something better. All OS's do the same things it just comes down to ease of use for the user. Some prefer one to another, it doesn't make it better or worse.
are u saying linux is better than windows?
I own Mac and windows and they're OS's are both 2 years old FML
love this its so true i ran all three systems together (and yes together at the same time all three systems runing together thank to sony vaio the best labtops in the world ) linux is a cool system with such a wide divercsity
 Windows is a frustraing system with many perposly to stop you thinking you will steal everything microsoft ( my least fravorite)
And mac is good for an all around pc, and gaming as becuase of sony vaio machinre i am able to connect sony platstation to all three systems which is cool to but most thanks has to go to Oracle for the awesome java writting to make this possible ... Love you Sony love you Oracle .... for those whom would like to know more about the v.i.r.i. systems Bios  (virtaul interactive real interactive systems bios  send me a email this is not a virtualbox system all three os start and interact with each other sharing resources
Good one but it amazes me how things change so quickly that this wonderful picture has become irrelevant after Apple made the software updates free.
Ha. Mac is cheaper to update than Windows. $20 dollars to go from 10.6 to 10.8 which is 2 steps... Mavericks has been free since launch from 10.6 to 10.9. FREE. Beats $170+ With Windows.
Yeah right.Buying a mac is expensive,but windows has too much to take care of.Viruses,hardware breakage etc.
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