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You Auto Correct! - Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Jokes
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Coke is way better than pepsi 
Even in pepsi co people drink cola...
May be he's just trying it to find points of weakness in competitors :)
haha wouldnt he get free pepsi?
nice aren't those like the 2 major enemies
Coke is awesome!!! Pepsi is terrible.
he is soooooooooo fired
Well..not if nobody sees him!!! =P
im sorry i over reacted< but Coke is way better than pepsi
salue moi ce kerim nouridin je su aux Togo chez nous sa va bien et vous
If someone were to get fired for this I'm sure a lawsuit would follow. This does remind me of when I worked at a sprint call center I used AT&T and swore by it.
Gia T.
1. cover ur moth with ur hand
2. whisper a wish
3. post this on three comments
4. look at ur hand
he is drinking coke in a pepsi car!
haha dont feel dumb i had to look at it for a long time to understand it!!

he's getting fired alright!
but maybe there was no pepsi left so he had to take coke... haha lol
oh my how do i drink any now coz..damn dats 2 yucky wen the seller tastes ur item b4 u do....
gotta love Coca-Cola :)
Not even pepsi people can resist the flavor of cocacola
sorry lady's and gentlman for the picture! is of course i get him courage i don't look like him!

write to me i'm nice guy
wake up in de wrong side ; lol take chill pile
I dont know what a chill pile is but i know what a chill pill is
#Weaam Abdeloauhed# great comment buddy
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