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oka cmp
what a girl...... =)))
lol i would have said somethin like that 2 him 2 :P
aha ,,the girl are gay
not realy
my fraiend is like that and she calls here self out to every body and said that shes gay
ya this girl might not be gay she might just not like talking to guys
like one of my other fraiends
never ... girls never do so....
may b boys think so...
+pati s can u tell me in what way ??
i'm true !! girls never look at the money , they only need a good character and a loveable heart ... may b 20% girls look at money but the remaining 80% girls do not...
maybe or shes just shy and likes him lol
Bunty B
may be not posible
Anand R
mostly BEAUTIES (except some of them) doing that ..
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow super
sahi me yaar girkls yeshi hi he
not all gals bro ,,, som shit is der thy look oly Money ...
funny..................... bt all the girls are not like that
in 100% ...70 % gals are same :( :(
jai raj
all girl r not like that
yeah not all girls are like that. well alot of them are but not all of them.
Lmfao, I want to share to FB, but I can't. Too funny
Maybe she just doesn't know the boy and doesn't want to know him unless he is wealthy.
Alright, minority opinion apparently: This is sexist bullshit.
Only some of the girls are like tat...But not all..
so mean...all girl's r.......*** :P
hahahaaaaaaaa nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
reality reality it is!!!!
This isn't reality B-)
Creates gold-digger Google circle. Picks from this convenient comment list, starts adding. ;-)
lol......... Its means girls only love money.
ha ha ha ......................... exactly ................. right.
its true...................i.....promise.....
what's your dream. +Vladimir Zolotykh
haha ... will be true in some cases, becare ful guys!!! hehehe
GIRLS R NOT OPENLY SHOWING THIS, but from heart they are thinking like this only. agreed not 100% but at least 95%
lol.the love of money hey!!!!
what a fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guys, you better watch out because a lot of girls are out there because you are RICH, They only want your money, they couldn't care about you, only pretend ( A LOT OF FAKES) Will steal you blind.. I don't have much, but I don't care, I am happy and that is what counts. Money can not buy happiness or love. Money has ruined a lot of lives. Like I said before I don't have much, but I am happy, but the RICH HAVE it all, they are snobs, and seem so unhappy. I woundn't want to trade places with them at all. So, RICH Keep it.
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aimuni
hahaha, funny truth????
That's why you ask for their plastic card and drop it to see if it bounces, , If it does you scream rape if it does not you copy the card number and tell him all the high priced places you have wanted to go all your life.
hi..hi...oh..its a common fact all over the world..huh....
fact fact fact fact factu!!!!!
realy funny but now a days its happening
What's with this cutesy, sexist garbage?
Lol,d gal z only after money,bt nt al gas are lyk dat o
Lol,d gal z only after money,bt nt al gals are lyk dat o
2much £$face she should join the
Thao Le
sorry I don't talk to boys who don't have $$$$$$$$$
pretty girl...she know only money talks
this has been posted before.....
what kind of girl is named "nani" lol ?
i wanted to comment... sorry its a mistake..
rich..... umm buys gonna get a leson from it !
not all gals r same... boys can get good gal only if they try to find them.. but now-a-days boys hardly try to find as they just want everything in there hands
That`s a good one. I would say what a gold digger or she`s looking for a sugar daddy!!!!!
mav ike
its the other way round not this one
it's a nature 0f grlz
All girls r not lyk dis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All girls are not like this, but the majority - Are like this.
Dawn F
Wow thats shallow!
god i hate it when people r like that (GOLDDIGGERS)
i kinda expected her to say that...idk
very funny , Why are talked with this girl.
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