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This happens all the time to both Men and Women…
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cant agree more !
my satuation...............
It happened to me also more than 1000 times. sometimes it is real and many a times it's just a coincidence.
Then you must be looking at al gals and al of them @ you:-p
To all people who agreed with the sentiments in the photo- How do you know the girl/boy is looking at you when you are not looking?
Johny..happens with most of em:-p 
this shit always happens wid me
AL Len
pretty exactly like me and my wife..
AL Len
which movie was this from? Can anyone message me? thanks!
Sof K
just cant resist it :P
This is from the TV series Awkward.
This is true, such sweet things always happens, any one know why ?.............
thats some creeper stufffff......dont get caught...
It's just one of those precious moments in your life, over and over again. Could last only split seconds but you share a connection mentally with someone - gives you hope and mystery at the same time. Wonderful. 
lol i c that happen all the time
jb dono ko pyaaar hota he tb esa hota he :)
‎"Sumtyms strangers understand us
better than our special ones..." ♥ ♥
So might as well assume that all the girls are looking and approach every single one of them. Out of 100 girls, one of them will be bound to be the one who actually looked first.
thats me with every hot guy EVER
right this happens all the time. Specially in films.
+Takalani Vhangani Arre see when the woman looks at the man he is not looking at her. and when the man sees bak at the woman she is not seeing him
So true .....U Look at him and when he looks at you U turn away ...But ur  dying 2 look at his beautiful SMILE 1 more time : D
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