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++++ if you agree..?
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soooooooooooo agreeeeeeeeeeeeeee i know someone just like that
They need to make it understandable for blondes:p
My friends are like this what they say invalidates earlier stuff
I'm always right.even when I'm wrong I'm right!
Prove me wrong, and I'll be right about how wrong you are
The trust can be hard to hear and it can be hard to give.
tell no lies and you'll never have to remember what you've said.
Less talk, less mistake. Truth certainly works on it.
" You fax me no questions, I'll telex you no lies", Author unknown.
remind me of someone who always do like that...

"Too much activity gives you restless dreams; too many words make you a fool." (Ecclesiastes Chapter 5, verse 3)
definitely true if not grammatically correct =)
Agreed, unless you know for sure that nobody whatsoever will understand a thing you have said. "Boomhower"
its very effective lines... i tooo... agreee....!
Puc ca
big agree
oh good reminder this should be paste on desktop :) :) :)hahaha
Sometimes silence is the best answer!!!
tgere arent any funny pics anymore :( WHERE DID THEY GO?????
Body Language speaks louder!
Too many comments, so I apologize if someone else has mentioned the fact that it should be 'KNOW', not "knew"! ;) Example "Don't speak like you know everything" (using "knew" now) "You spoke (instead of "speak") as if you "knew" everything" Now, in some quarters, knew/know could be interchangeable in the last example. However, the way it is written on the pic is grammatically incorrect. :)
"Pronounced thought is a lie". If you went with careful examination of everything before saying you would end up with complete silence barring obvious matter like 'how much does it cost' or 'would you like tea or coffee' ?
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Lemme quote this guy on everything he says ++++ if you agree...?
I think by wrote it in a piece of paper doesn't help it either...
True that some people are just charter box.
Wish people would realize that sooner than +1ing this...
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The statement "Don't speak like you know everything," uses terrible grammar and should be thrown into a burning pit of death.
your posts arent even funny anymore, theyre just motivational quotes its not funny
They're still not very funny... Mr. FUNNY Pictures & Videos...
1. cover your mouth with your hand.
2. whisper a wish in your hand
3. post this on three other comments.
4. look at your hand
I total agree. Talk before you think
D:!!! Knew D: Ohnooooz D: Present and Past ... MIXED .. Can't compute D:!!!!
Stupid, if you speak the truth you have nothing to worry about.
Lol @ this trying to sound smart with big words but failing at using "know".
yes my friend
i do it !!! welcome.-
good for me its a message for me.... assume
Les Ma
just like BUT... it cancels everything you said before it.
YUP! We have one mouth and two ears for a reason: Listen more and talk less.
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