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Trolling with Mentos
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If the cap is closed tight and u cut the thread,then how will that mentos fall inside the cool drink..........!!!!!!!!:)
More over its a guy who is cutting the thread and the gal is seeing the result...:)
Very funny
have girl & boy found the same result
it falls inside next time some1 tries to open the bottle...thats the reason girl is witnessing the results :)
Yeah, how in the world would it fall in when she takes the cap off? Oh, just no clue how this would ever work ☺
+Stella Roselin the guy is the one who sets the Mentos up, and he closes the cap tightly so the mentos doesn't fall inside the drink. Then a girl opens the drink later, releasing the mentos~
makes no sense she closed the cap and in the next shot the bottle is open! WTF?
hey i have done that and i hav uploaded it on did they get my video
is not suck a good idea because she made him clean the mess :)
i always wantd 2 do that 2 some1 XD
Saw it on best with Diet Coke (and other diet sodas too) Still funny
'good' experiment...
wanna try??
اگر یک تکه شکلات در نوشابه گاز دار قرار دهید سبب حالت انفجاری مثل بالا میشود . لطفا ببچه ها اب نبات نعناعی و شکلات همراه نوشابه ندهید چون این حالت انفجاری در معده سبب پاره شدن معده و رودهها گشته مرگ انی بدنبال دارد.
wow... Some of these are just amazingly brilliant... although I wouldn't want to be the one cleaning up the mess on this one :)
If you don't like to clean up all kitchen, don't do it at homes LOL
Yes, +Luis Valenzuela , you can try it yourself. But do it outside and run far far away if you want to have your both eyes LOL
i didnt try myself if for another person
B Ashar
i luv doin tht!:)
it just made her sticky by trying to put the cap back on:/
Today a hv party . . ..i shall hv fun with friends....ty...
Yeah, that's happening to some friends...
take mentos and then after drink coldrink then see wht hppn
if girl give that bottle to her mom to open !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wat may be the result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mohib why did you change your profile pic to nyan cat
Hey this is salt yar
:P hahaha lolz
There's something very Freudian about this. :3
DJ Dev
yes it is a fake, the person who put the metons wears a shirt and the later how can she change the clothe. Very funny
not fake, the one who is putting the mentos is a guy and leave the bottle ready for the "victim" who is a woman in this case. if you have doubts about mentos and soda products, watch Mythbusters episode
koi bhi mint candy ko cola me dalo ho jayega.... enjoy
it's very dangerous, dnt try it this at home .
nice it works for a good practical joke i will pull it off at home!
J Galdi
OK Uptesh, my wife is getting done when she gets home. You better be correct.
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