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That sounds like a Narcissist who looks at the Mirror then turns around!
especially with that blushing cheek...
BeCa m
specially if you are my reason to smile
i go for any lady that gives me such a look and i dont waste time to say my mind when a lady caught me in that act.

U know,I think some people r so miserable with their lives!,that it shows in the way they respond to nice things!,or just things n general!!!,how sad 4 those people!!!. 
not funny but flirty. I love it,so cute 
i think something similar happen to person wich I observe... is it cute?
hahah...Good one... very true....
i have no idea what i am doing on this. is this the only way i can post comments or send messages? wth
These are really cute and inspiring but aren't these supposed to be funny
thank you very much, but in life nothing is perfect and you should always code for, and do not need to get back something that is happy
absolutly.... it happens........
I hated it when I caught you looking at me then you winced and didn't bother to hide the disgust on you face.
that happens to me all the time!!!
Same here...
alot alot & alot of time...
i do it all the time but i don't know if she like it :)
Girls i love ur Looks...U killing me....Where them gals at..
thats awesome unfortunately no one wants to look at me :(
omg that happens to me alot eli keeps lookin and i just laugh and im like a caught you looking at me hhahah so cute
Nat S
omg i wish!
sounds like a song lyric
everyones has something to love
Bina Y.
aww when will that happen to me? :P
so smile at people to spread to love

Smile is popular of love !! :D
Smile can hide all our problem.
So, veryone should be smile everytime ,
feels wonderful and nice no mean things said on this and smile and than look away.
Is there something wrong with my looks or is it just and invitation from the smile? too..i love to see that.
have not had that type of flirting in a long time,but I remeber it at 60. ha,Ha.
Yep!! Happened to me loadss of times!!
my husband dose not relixe he ever new you so i think you have the wrong guy so catch you on the flip side.
That's what crushing on someone is about!! (hee hee)
it's feelings just amazing.........................................can't explain...........
adorable.. and it seems that +iris gloom u r rite all the other posts are full (sigh) i wanted to comment so badly!! (pout)
well atleast there isn't a limit to plus1's aswell or else we wouldn't be able to do so after 1304 +1's
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