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Haha......agree, still do.
i used to do the was real fun....
I try it even today, cuz crossing lines without being indulged into it, is my tendency.
that means i'm still a child.....;)
yes I agree. I also was one who tried not to walk on ants
but I think it means I still can experience childish in my life, free life of age.
Mahn its really true....
I ws jst me who do dat....
Even now.... just didnt think so many of ya ..... would be copying me..... :P
i didnt know so many ppl do this.....
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Agree :D....and sometime I'm still do that :))
Sid J
What do mean didn't ... I still do !
The most fun you could have walking to school and just about anywhere else...
yeah ! .. agree... infact still i use to do it ...
i used to have so much fun doing that... :)
And if you try to avoid them now, then you have a serious problem :) LOL
oops I still do it sometimes..... do I need a shrink?
this is so true (I even catch myself still doing it now)
yes i agree! i played pikapika before,were trying not to hit the line so we never loose a i say i been to that day before...childhood
yes, I did... and still do sometimes..... ;-)
wei yan
I did have childhood! lol
I do it still.. You never grow up you see..!
ı agree too, still do it. ı dont wanna grow up
i still do it.. makes me feel like a kid again.. nice feeling !!
yeah... Even now when talking a call i used to walk around my room avoiding t lines
Walking on the lines will trigger the simultaneous launching of all the nuclear weapons in the world !
hahaha.. did that all the time as a kid!!!
can anyone tell me why this kind of thought a child have in its mind. use to do it but can't understand why
I have a childhood because I never tried to avoid the lines between the tiles
I still do that now from time to time, then I change it and only step on the lines. :0)
I used to follow the lines so when the lines were not straight you can imagine the 'strange' walk. It was a kind of a game. Yeah, I had a childhood.
Everything is an illusion, we all came from nothingness, and we'll merge into that nothingness, all the tiles, all the lines, all the innumerable dimensions, all the planes, all the spheres, everything, nothing...............can't be explained.................
I remember myself doing that in my childhood))) Lovely!
I gave up the this idea for lent
does this apply on only being young ?!!!! :P
Now i'm 23 and i still do this, even i want to walk like a knights in chess :P
If you step on the lines it might cut your feet!
actually this is true i used to do this up until now...and i never get tired of doing this
so true, sometimes i do that! :/
I'm not so young now and I still do it!
"Don't touch the crack or you'll break your mothers back" Thats what I say <3 hahaha
I did several times, thank God , I'm saved!!!
Still doing it. Is there something wrong with me?
hahaha... I think every person did this during childhood
OMG! How to share with all this comments?
Me love doing it, even now!!!!!
true,i practice this as an jumping exercise
You've identified the origin of my obsessive compulsive behavior.
So if I still do it does it mean I'm still in my childhood? Because, I do it every day hahaha
did , doing and will be doing.
you get bored with regular walking and to upgrade this does not make you a child
Lol! I thought I'm the only one, still doing it.
Watch me toss them stars.. now skip skip two steps... again.
I never step on the cracks in the hallway at work.
what do you mean, "when you were young" ??!
so true....i remember doing that, and interestingly still do it, knowingly ... unknowingly!!
haha.. I thought i was the only one that still did that sometimes lol
it`s so keen on me knowing all the peopel throughout the world have same action!
same here, caught myself doing it the other, is that the child in me?
yeah sureeee done and doing it everyday :D
took a few years off but now do it with my son!
Nikki C
dont touch the crack or youll break your mother's back! oh poor moms <3
my kid is is toying with this now and makes me do it...funny
Y- Fi
love this
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I still do when we are going to bye anit is so annoying 
agree...i alwayz try to avoid:P
So what does it mean if I still do?
"Don't step on a crack, or your Mom will break her back!" Yes, I actually believed this for a few years...
I still do this everyday, everywhere.
Nothing could be more true :)
my daughter tell me every time when we shopping lol
Why do kids do that? I imagined that each square was an island and if I stepped on the lines I would DIE!
Its true and i used to do that at this age also ... BTW I am 27 year old kid :-)
its cool way of thinking!!!!
Step on a crack and you break your mother's back!
I'm still trying not to step on those lines))
Nikki C
yea i aggre i did it all the time with my little brother
I'm 30 years old... And I steel to avoid this lines! :)
Ty Yon
I still do!
I am still doing it!!!
omg , i thought i was the only one who did these things in childwood
I'm 26 and I still do this sometimes O_o
masih buat mende tu... (still doing that thing even i'm grown)
Please Change TITLE......
kills your Childhood ?
Er Ru
I agree!
probally to busy working for that one company
I sometimes avoid the shadow from trees and buildings...LOL
exactly.......... I still do it........ :)
Me also did the same and doin the same +Brian Diable
And if you didn't stop when you grew up, you didn't grow up.
And if you don't, just occasionally, still do it after growing up, you have murdered the child in yourself.
i remember doing that... I would always mess up and step on the lines:)
my son reminds me everytime we go out for awalk
Omigosh, that's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love do ing that, but im sorta done with it, but if im bored... AVOIDING THE LINES ALL THE WAYY!!!! :D
try it while running its good exercise
still do it now =]
i do this in the grocey store with my sis
and what about keeping on doing this till now :)
yeah true,, I still do it............ n I am 28.......... :))
lol i do that sometimes then people look at me weriod so i stop
Omg. I totally agree. All the kindergarteners that I take take to their busses every day ALWAYS avoid the cracks. 
Absolutely! Do you ever catch yourself doing it now...or at least give it a fleeting thought?
Stupid thing, what about the kids who have grown up in poverty, they might not even know about the tiles, forget crossing them, there houses will be of mud floor or mosaic floor.... so do u mean they dint have childhood, everyone have there own stories.....
Wow...i thought i was the only one doing that....
When you rob children of creativity that is a crime and you are a criminal.
DUDE i still think i only used to do that
I still do and I still believe that my mom will die if i step on the cracks between tiles
i always did this and still do haha to cool i even count the steps in between them just cause i have nothing to talk about
i do it too make my work more neater !! and to make it look like i hve done more work than i actually have done !!! lol Guilty !!
i even try skipping lines now, and im 11
I use to do it all the time and on different coloured tiles in shopping centres :P still doing that today, and im already 22 ...wahahhah
omg this is so me!!! lol i still do this sometimes XD
me 2 but enjoy doin it .. it brings a childlishness in u :D
u know what i still do these knda things..!! :P
J Hoff
i always did that, and sometimes i still do
im 15 and i still do that
i don't even focus
i just do it and then i notice im do it
but it's me...the 500th comment.Oh yeah, hooooo......
Step on a crack and you real your mothers back. Step on a line and you break your fathers spine. I'll just say my parents backs and spines are completely fine. 
haha did that before :)

500th! 4th one..
haha so true, yet i continue to do it
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