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and all that you have....
i wish someone would tell me this......(--___--)
+Alissa Brown No problem. I can tell you this. Te amo por lo que eres, por lo que haz sido y por lo que puedes ser. Sorry, in spanish. Au Revoir.
People say these sugar coated words when proposing someone.Once proposed these are all gone words...If u know Allisa what i mean..
Sadly very few people know how to use these words correctly or sincerely and a lot of people being told these words are not worthy of them .
+ANISH MATHEW i see what you're saying but you don't have to say words like that just to propose.
Essentially, this is Saint Augustine's definition of love and is similarly quite wise.
aww that is so sweet. i will fall in love with the first person who says that to me (provided i already like them and know that they like me).
Who will love me for me
Not for what I have done or what I will become
Who will love me for me
'Cause nobody has shown me what love
What love really means
I'm thankful to have found my man who said those words to me through his actions..:) Thank you Almighty!
yeah.. but he dont deserve me.. i was like to him but he dont see it..
nice ! i wish someone for me only say that to me.
nas moh
nice at first but to end I dont think the feeling is still the same
This kind of people is rare now.
love it when a funny guy talks serious things.
LOVE ?????????????????????????????
this is funny pictures and videos not mushy crap!
i am jus waiting for the person who is going to say like this....but no one is der like this.......
deep, you could make a song with that! :-)
Hah, that's a funny picture or video.
chip r
I just got a tooth ache
Can't wait to get a letter like this one day
true only when u in good time soon rhe situation not good it will think it's not true
and maybe for all the things you are not but i expect you to be!
il cuore non ha frontiere,grazie per averle pensate e dette.margherita
Feeling that is true freedom

This paragraph really touch me, to make me remember I was never loved by any one.Is so beautiful, and generous from the person who wrote it.
It'd be nice to have someone say this to me... ;-)
Kal El
thats not funny at all..
Sweeter than sugarcane
sour than imli
lovly than lov
not easy to be.........
is called LOVE!!!!!........
So he/she loves him even if in the future he/she becomes an asshole ? This is dumb.
Have you read my auto-biography or somethin? ;)
he shes are all funny millionares rock i knw cuzz im a blueeyed one that looks better then any man on this wreched planet tim scottb ya thats mee timothy scotttbee on fb see amillion dolla pag e an a stunaa
its funny and romantic...
and they said it couldnt be done!! ;P
same with this wone it makes me sad because i have not found true love yet
Still not funny! :)... Come on! You can do it!
The Love Is So Curious And Magic!!
This Pic Is Perfect!!♥
It goes like this-I love you more today than yesterday and as much as tomorrow???( and what if you found someone better tomorrow, will love still be the same yesterday and today?)
i just broke up with my boyfriend who cheated on me via email which he didn't consider cheating, i tried with all my heart to forgive , but this quote says it all, i love you for all that you are-------- love is so beautiful that it should never be taken for granted
i loved it.... superb thought
Love is a game in which one always cheats,the fact is Ms.Jennifer Dubicki should not be taken for granted by her boyfriend, don't find love let love find you, don't force yourself to fall because love will find its way to you.
its a nice word and a nice feeling
funny how most ppl wish someone would say this to them...but didn't come across any post where someone actually wants to say's always like I want ppl to say good things to me...but I ain't gonna say good things to others...
Is there someone to tell me what is LOVE????
what is love?
I cann't belive this,is marvelous!.. i wish some one to say that 2me.
+Promise Luvoo i tink u just hear that
blind is love and it best fits the use of this phrase, go on and tell her or him and they will go crazy.
Love it. Where did you get it?
munju s
....and for all that you are not!
its very nice....i lik these words.. if u av gud frnds n teachers pls post them
That's cutee! except when you tell someone that they dont believe you and think your just being nice ><
eL Bee
and all that you once were to me... i love you
The novel tells of "Love Story" is romantic and funny, yet a tragic story. It is the story of 2 young college grads, whose love was stronger than any of the tests life threw at them. Oliver Barrett IV, a Harvard jock and (very) rich heir to the Barrett fortune and legacy, and Jennifer Cavilleri, the quick-witted daughter of a Rhode Island baker. Oliver (Ollie) was expected to follow in his father's huge footsteps, while Jennifer (Jenny), a music major studying at Radcliffe College planned to study in Paris. From very different worlds, Oliver and Jenny immediately attracted and their love deepened. The story of Jenny and Ollie is a realistic story of two young people who come from two separate worlds and are joined together in the most unlikely of ways.

Upon graduation from college, the two decide to marry against the wishes of Oliver's father, who thereupon severs all ties with his son. Without his father's financial support, the couple struggles to pay Oliver's way through Harvard Law School... with Jenny working as a private school teacher. Graduating third in his class, Oliver gets several job offers and takes up a position at a respectable New York law firm. Jenny promises to follow Oliver anywhere on the East Coast. The couple moves to New York City, excited to spend more time together... rather than in working and studying... as it was previously. With Oliver's new income, the pair of 24-year-olds decide to have a child. It is from then onwards, that there are several unexpected twists and turns. After Jenny fails to conceive, they consult a medical specialist, who after repeated tests, informs Oliver that Jenny is ill and will soon die. Oliver then tries again. While this is not stated explicitly, Jenny appears to be suffering from leukemia.

As instructed by his doctor, Oliver attempts to live a "normal life" without telling Jenny of her condition. Jenny nevertheless discovers her ailment after confronting her doctor about her recent illness. With their days together numbered, Jenny begins a costly cancer therapy, and Oliver soon becomes unable to afford the multiplying hospital expenses. Desperate, he seeks financial relief from his father. Instead of telling his father what the money is truly for, Oliver misleads him. From her hospital bed, Jenny speaks with her father about funeral arrangements, and then asks for Oliver. She tells him to avoid blaming himself, and asks him to embrace her tightly before she dies. When Mr. Barrett realizes that Jenny is ill and that his son borrowed the money for her, he immediately sets out for New York. By the time he reaches the hospital, Jenny is dead. Mr. Barrett apologizes to his son, who replies with something Jenny had once told him: "Love means never having to say you're sorry"... before breaking down in his arms.
Sencillamente fanasticas!! Siempre podemos ver estas cosas pero nunca las apreciamos su hermosura. Gracias por ese ojo profesional!!!
sri ram
I love you sweet heart EN<3
Bri Boo
aawww i like it
que lindas palabras....
this is what every lover tells his or her gf or bf respectively either to fake them or to tack them...........
That truly does sum it up,no more to say!!!!Always,Lori H-Smith 24th.May 2012
I wish i could tell it to my dark knight...
Exactly. Its almost never meant.. :/
that really wasn't funny it was kind of a cute quote actually
Just wanna to said, how sweet this.? Yeach sure i love it:)
saludo a todos los que me ven en verdad es la primera vez que entro a esta pagina Dios los bendiga a todos........
deseo......que vean mi pagina
pueden escribirme
si desea tener ingresos extras.......
beautiful i love it !!!
tambien estoy por primera ves biendo esta pagina, mil bendiciones y exitos
Funny pictures and videos....................................... Did anyone laugh? Didn't think so!
can't understand do anybody tell me the meaning ?
sweeter than sugarcane..! like it..
stop posting stupid shit I want funny pictures and videos not stupid anonymous quotes that are like sob story twilight crap romance
what if i am going to be the person who will break your neck?
not for all that you're yet to be.......! SORRY.!
how is this funny? the page is "funny pictures & videos"
Les Ma
With love, you will tend to always wish the best for that special person, even when they hurt you.
that s damn true...reciprocation
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