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yes yes yes....!! that true...! hehe :))
have a wonderful friday all...hehe
I think this expresses well why I ditched the daily tie routine (and the corner office) long ago to set up my own (usually tie-less these days) business :)
this is me every single week
Friday again! \^o^/
yes ! another weekend is coming. :)
Exactly!! This is that, we feel each day and waiting for weekend again.
Mani I
very funnyyyyyyyyyyyyy
nice way showing off the workdays, it's true will always happen to anyone who is working in MNC's...................
That's what I'm like every day, giong through school and all:)
even thought it end just now it starts it seems like few hours too :)
hahaha.. yes... right :-)
WHAT ABT SAT & SUN . i will wait for saturday.......................... today is friday only..............
But in India we have to wait till Saturday.
plz add one more day for me SAT. Floating in the air and waiting for sunday
that is how i feel going to school (6:00 mon-fri)
lol its like hes dying at first then freedom!!!
sun is a workin day 4 me.
no school all next week plus its friday my whole school is geeked!!!!!
not until friday can we achieve 2 arms
I actually feel exactly how it is depicted
Samu S
I'm just like that Mon<Fri
that's crazy, why does it work like that? so so true
it's the other way for me
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