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maybe you shouldn't have your name as "funny" .. cuz half of them arn't that funny no offense ..i like'em ,just seems different then what your name says lol
Neha g
gud thought
rudy s
Why is this shit hot on google plus?
Well Said. Management/Non Management people should follow.
most ones don't realize perfect moments and also makes it worse
You are right. That's why India is full with foolish people.
Do or do not. There is no try.
But always watch closely for that rare perfect moment to be perfectly timed and placed in that moment to creat the most Perfectly Perfect Moment of all Moments in space time. 2nd law of thermodynamics might have something to say there....
Absolutely true.... Today i'm gonna make a perfect moment that i've been looking for to b perfect ! Prayz for Me.. =)
I'll start applying it when the time is right.
Ilike this comment life is what you make
You can only strive for perfection, perfection is damn near impossible
today is perfect ...beautifull ....hmmm
And 2 make a moment perfect, 1st of all we must have perfection within ourselves.Is not it /
Nothing a person does can be perfect but they can get close.
My girlfriend made me carry her engagement ring with me, since I was going to propose "at the perfect moment" and she insisted that, should that moment arrive, I'll have the ring and be ready.
+Bikash Uzir we not perfect so to make a moment perfect it has 2 b wit d person who see u has perfect as u see dem love makes everyday wit this person perfect even when y'all r fussin its beautiful which i think makes it THE PERFECT MOMENT dont u
Sure..because our live is limited...
yes its truth and realty of our life
naver wait in life, just take a perfect moment
But Imperfections is what makes life interesting. Perfect would just be boring.
For the perfectionists.... but it is true!
absolutely right in every respect!!
agree and aprove my own life
nah! no such thing as perfect, believe me,,,.
That right..but make it moments perfect is difficult.
practice makes a man/women perfect
bui ha
you're right. because pratise make perfect
very true...never wait for anyone or anything....
No one command it............
wat is this man... no funny videos or quotes... m tired and bored of reading such quotes everyday....
it;s true l are gree with yuo dia' becouse many people are waintng good moment to came, even the bible say's plant your seed in the morning, and then do not let your hand to get rest evening' becouse you do not know whch one will grow.
I agree, but many people tend to not seize such an opportunity.
Yes, those words sound perfect phrase to me.
excellent.i am agree

Overall rating
Hmm............i try always but fail.
but i try again again
scholer say never take right decission take decission and make it RIGHT
when you wait fotr the noment to come - you lost already!
when you make the moment you win all the time
همه زبون نفهمن مگنه !!!!!
alexis winter is feel happy heart is we mood
Sure thats for the ones that a waiting for there perfect moment.
life is not about the breath that we take but it's about breath taking moments
yeeesss it is correct i feel the same way
Bri Boo
lol do it every day!
i do to but it never does
hey ppl if u wanna chat hit me up....
Well, methinks there is nothing like a perfect moment! just be spontaneous & that does it! guess I am also alluding to making the moment perfect!
I agree. But, this isn't funny or a video. That's two strikes.
I definitely agree with that
like i love love love all the quotes and stuff but shouldn't they be named life lessons or Motivational Quotes rather than Funny Pictures & Videos?

Cause I'm not laughin
Yes go for it..... Why wait for what you can get done in that moment of time. Seize the moment while you have it, because when it is gone you can't get it back.
How can I make something perfect, if it is already perfect?

Every moment already is perfect.
It's only my thinking that thinks it isn't.
Live life in small moment happiness....
but where is the moment..........? :)
that is all right the human can create aperfect moment
I don't think this is a funny picture or video.
+Eila Martin omg so i go here all the time and see these qutoes and im like how is this a funy pic? and NO ONE SAYS anying about so today i was finally going to post it and bam. Your post was there
perfectly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
this place used to be funny, not anymore since you only can see quotes.c´mon.
That sounds like too much work. I'm just gonna wait.
1 put your hand to your mouth
2 whisper a wish into your hand
3 post this on 3 other comments
4 look at your hand
Most of the time great people recognised once they passed away, like wise most of the greatest moment recognised once they passed away. Only afew recognised the greatest phase and enjoy it to prefect.........listen you heart and just do it.
Sanjeev Malhan
You like it?

I love you, because You are You and it love, help me!
how r these funny pictures?
whoever is the 500th comment, don't just waste by saying you're the 500th comment, actually say something about the picture
actually that's me!!!!! 500th :)
You build your present and safe your future
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