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The goalkeeper is called Rene Higuita, he born and played football in Colombia.....
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cool, but try doing that in the World Cup and you'll get scorned for not being serious
Jack Le
Older than the Earth!
This is super. Because of his this kind action, colombia lost in semi .finals
Ja Ch
What a Back Kick............ !
super save! top goalkeeper !!!!
Would have been easier to catch with hands.... lol Amazing goaler!!!!
wow he is really good at soccer for a football player!!
I'm from Colombia but I was too young to remember this, my dad said that this was in a friendly match against England in the legendary Wembley stadium, and everyone who saw it were completely astonished. It gave chills to my dad.
nothing imposibal...........................any thing.........keep confidence on self.
WOW!!!! Best Goal keeping of the century!!!..... no MILLENNIUM!!!!
spectacular save!
but wasn't there any other way to make that save?
Crackazo el Higuita!
greatest kickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Awesome KICKKKKKKK!!!!!!!
Oooh, I remember that one! Watched the game on TV. 1995 was it?
he could have stopped directly with hands or head??
He was like that only. He also used to go dribbling to the opponents area keeping the goalpost open.
we have goalkeeper in Iran who did sth just like that!
his name is Taleblo!
in his days he was one of the best in Iran!
wwwooww....impressive...very creative defense
That play is called "El Salto del Escorpión" = "The jump of the scorpion"
Why didnt he just catch the ball? Seems to be the most logical way to stop a shot! Looks like someone was trying to show off and it just happened to work! Imagine how stupid he would of looked if he missed.
Ahhh, the famous Mortal Kombat Scorpion Kick goal defense. FLAWLESS VICTORY
M Bitar
¨el alacrán¨
show off... =.=
woulda been cooler and funnier if he missed it :D
the clip is older than the scorpion itself
muy buena atajada se llama el escorpion att: Colombia
i did tht ONCE and only team hated me when i didnt get it tho.......the final score of tht game.. 3-15....we lost cant imagine why :P XD
The goalkeeper is now a goalkeeper coach in Saudi Arabia Alnasser FC
Not sure, but I think the play was invalid for a off-side before the player kick the ball to the goal, then the refeere, because of the amazing play and because it was a friendly match, allows the game to continue. Still a lot of nerve is need to do this = )
he is in which club
Doyou know that
OMG!! que elasticidad !!! genial video
wow very good i like it..mantab
thats insane! i want him on my team
Would have been hilarious if he missed it.
el grande higuita made in colombia haciendo el escorpion
wow?I surprised about him, this is the first times I never see before, wonderful:o in goal
he was called el loco higuita
wouldn't mind trying that
I've seen it before but still to say "awesome!!"
I live in colombia and I know his history, I know that he is a very good goalkeeper, his name is rene higuita and born in medellin and he played in the Colombian soccer selection, now he isn't playing professionally soccer, and is politic.
He wouldn't be trained in the Shalin Temple?
I LOVE YOU! hahahahah can you teach me that moveeee?
he couldve jsut used his hand, the ball wasnt that high up
Quién no conoce al Loco Higuita... ah sí, sólo los gringos xD
practise makes the man perfect na!!!!!!!!!!!
absolutly, I saw that match Colombia vs Inglaterra in Wembley Stadium...
The best gamble ever...
Scorpion Kick is the name! Higuita, legend!
If he missed that it would of been sad 
wouuuuu. very nice fielding of goal keeper.
Nice kick back the crisis!
ss wang.
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