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Success! Do you Agree..? ++++
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All i can think right now is. Wow this is soooo true! There really is no other way to success!
Yea u can! Success success succe okay this is getting old u get the point right?if u put your mind to it you can acomplish anything!
Great! Cuz im not saying it again! Blah!
Good show.the SECRET behind SUCCESS is WILLINGNESS to do any job with utmost DEDICATION & PRIDE.
So ture. Just putting in to action is sometime diffcult. But the most self rewarding accoumplishment.
ya..............................100% i agreed
agree, but no need to show anyone anything.
someone should figure out away to put it in the sky permenatlly, so as we wake up everyday, we can look up and see it!!!! maybe more people would try harder to reach it.
success is merely holding on after all others have let go
It's true. Last year, in the annual race to the top of San Jose's City Hall (18 stories), I was 42 seconds behind the winner. At 62 years old I set myself the "impossible" goal of winning the race this year. By following these principles I have already dropped 43 seconds from my time and have a clear plan for dropping another 10 seconds before the race in October.
i have to find some goals for life first
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Plan is very good.I like it.Thanks for sharing.
See your impossible dream, Understand its unattainable, Cry like the yellow bellied wimp you are, Crush your dreams of grandeur, Emit a wail of frustration, Suffer with the knowledge that others will achieve what you will not, Surrender yourself to despair.
Never give up, never surrender
Yeah...add positive minded in our life...
To be successful one has to get rid of fear
SUCCESS starts with giving up on grade school writing exercises involving cramming tortured phrases into an acronym.
I agree will someone talk to me
I agree, and it's what happened to me recently. :) 
good for our self, practice make perfect..huhuh
Works perfect if you live in magic fairy land.
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agree :) positivity can create a world of opportunities
Ad Lazy
fail.... actually visualizing that you achieved what you want to do releases dopamine in the brain related to the imaginative success and cuts your brainstorming some slack which in return weakens your enthusiasm for your goal thus minimizing the chance of achieving it for real ... umad?
We need another word which can help us to clear doubts in our mind. ;)
Sounds fantastic, if only I would do it. There is big change in the vibes now and all of us would be better if we could follow this. I know I see very large changes in my life in the near future.
Man that was awsome ! ! I like that one
Yea I sure do agree.... this is great
Yes, there is universally agreed standard for success. Success for students is different from soldiers. Cultural & social values determine our orientation toward success!
Yes, there is no universally agreed standard for success. Success for students is different from soldiers. Cultural & social values determine our orientation toward success!
Your name should be put in dectionary next to the definition of defination :p
I agree to those who success
Success in work and success in home life are different. One can success in work but not at home, or vice versa.
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The only other thing I'd throw in is to stay positive because nobody really wants you to succeed and it seems like no one cares about you until you do...
You have to add more in this .....
plus be always open to alternative, different ways of achieving thing, dare for experimenting! ;)
Recipe For Running Fast In A Randomly Chosen Direction
Yea! How do you FIND all this stuff?
Tae K
WOW it's really cool!!
compression artifacts, I has them
greaaaaaaat idea....

Go ahead, procrastinate, but just a little!
Very Inspirational I needed that, Thank You.
I am soo adding that on my Inspirational photo library!!!
Tell that to the banks...
Success is the child of confidence and courage
But have you achieved success at success ? This reminds me of Kobe commercial.
absolutely,yes!! yes!! you are big brain. 
absolutely,yes!! yes!! you are big brain. 
Great words, make a lot of sense when put like that.:)
Kinda but I hate these daft 'motivational' slogans lol 
It was very beautiful, interesting and informative.
syed farzanda..............agreeeeeeee!
Yes, I am sure if I apply it to my dream of becoming a butterfly in my lifetime, it will happen.
sorry ,i m not agree...

Success = optunity+luck+awareness to grab the chance....

Only taking hard efforts never gives success...

Be realistic,not a bookish...

thank u gys....

Bcos,no one works to get fail.
He always try to give his best,
but if he doesnt have luck,and opotunity then his efforts are worthlesss....
Isnt it? Friends...
yaa its cool and right pa beautiful creative abbrevation
I can't agree that we need to clear our minds of self doubt. Self doubt is a mechanism by which we may understand our weaknesses, which we can either work on or find a way around. Those with no self doubt are deluding themselves. We all have good reasons to doubt ourselves in one way or another. It's hubris to not and foolhardy, I think. Success comes to those who are not crippled by their doubt; who can learn lessons from it; who can accommodate it in their plans.
its only rubbish if you're the procrastinator there's always one in every group!!
no its true its absolutely correct & true
I have always been a person that if you say you can't, I do to prove them wrong.
this is fantastic there no honest truth than that
I try, and yet, it's still hard, but true...!
Failed again over again

Overall rating
"Try nd u will get result...."

But what about all the people who try but do not achieve what they want to? Is there something wrong with them? The world is full of people who try very hard, who remain positive, who believe in themselves, who banish self doubt and they still fail. That's life. It's vast and complex and chaotic. It can't be boiled down to platitudes and acronyms.
i like it men
it great ...........
Ya mee.. Too agree with it..... No doubt... 
I thought the page's name is 'Funny pictures and videos'?
chit gira tow mai jeetaa patt giraa tow tu haara!!!
you stand firm, consequently, everything wii be done easily!
Agree with all except "Clear your mind of self doubt". That is the essence of most problems, not success.
This isn't funny. So its spam.
awsome! just the thing i needed to boost my motivation for a project due tuesday! thx! :)
Do believe in plus as im a pathologist and try to grade in stages and had faced some book. SPACE ASK SIR ALEX ROME CAN.
i totaly i agree on the qoute nd clear 2 self doubt nop coz we shuld find our weakness thn work on thm so tht we cn kip ourslfs gng.
success is d only way to progress.there is no two ways abt it.
I like maniratnam Tamil movie director
Okwara jennifer says true she is genius
ZzZzZzZ better luck next time 
i fully agree all it takes is yrself to succeed in watever u put yr mind to
looks like something from a sles seminar, Ideal for selfishness
entered correct inside heart passing through the brain
I didn't like it I want to say but I liked it...
awesome and sweet steps to prove himself in front of the world..........;-)
yes, nice summary of the steps, I see alot of people fail because of not dealing with the 2 C's...
i met my goal
i understand
i have posotive mental picture
i embrace the challenge
i stayed on track
This is the key to success
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with itttttttttttttttttttttttt
Nice Told ♣ ♣ ♣
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