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Can you Find the Difference? Who is #Genious ....
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the lady is luukng fat in 2nd pic n the chair is also diffrnt...n the lamp 2/......
the mirror behind her.....
the lamp..the chair..the bottom right of the table..the black little thing on the table and the earring of the woman
mmm, well I got 4 but I feel there could be more but I cant see therm at the moment ...
OK here's my list (don't read if you're still looking):
Bowl on wall, chair, different shaped mouth, [earring - someone else got that, I didn't spot it], white bit hanging down under table, extra white vertical crease on right side of hanging table cloth, more pattern on the serviette/napkin sticking up [that could just be image resolution!], 3rd black dish on table.
i see the differences, what i'm missing is the funny part.
da funny part iz dat the lady ateup aall the foood n got the major diffrnc
A)Bowl in window
B)line in chair..(these two easy to get).
C)Spoons below center Bowl on Table.
now it gets tough..
D) Front Right corner of the table (Shade of White is missing)..
E)Earing of the female...
earing, 3-2 black bowls, bowl at window, chair design,
The green vase in the back near the window and part of the white thing in the middle of the chair.
chair design & Bowl in the window bowl,2.chair line,3.spoon,table cloth, table curve design,
the difference is the picture on the right doesn't make sense and the one on the left makes sense.
i found 4, and i'm not sure abt the earring~
On the left I think she has a earring and on the right she doesn't 
4 dfrnces
1-spoon 2-line on the chair 3-window 4- light shade under the table
1. 3 black cups?
2. green big glass's interior
3. chair.. ;)
4.table is blowing from down right...
hey her dishes gives diff taste in these two images and she looks diff in both image :)
Sonu G
i found, in small window, her ledt side , she has not green or white coloure.
One is at the window, 2 the black thing under the window(the light between the black thing), 3 the ladies hair and 4 under the table,the last is can be found on the table(that black thing.)Yes it is Five thing.
She is pregnant on picture 2
women in both the pictures are different and are identical twins... one of the differences.... :-)
5: ear rings, bowl, line on the black thingy, black spoon behind blue bowl, and the light under the table
Dev Sen
yes, in the second one the girl is not wearing the pant / kameez
those are easy. as kid i liked them. easy way to cheat: i use "crosseyes" (like you needed to do when you want to see those magic eye pictures), that way the differences kinda "stand out" :)
and its quite easy to do since the pictures are most of the time left/right and not top/bottom :)
many differences.........
like the spoon, chair
5 differences actually I know them 
mirror, chair, table cloth (white bit up front -bottom right corner - or whatever that is), earring, black salter on the table =5
There are 5 differences in the pictures.....pftttttt piece of cake
Rock On
i found 4 object
I found 3 difference.1-window....hahahhhhh
Rock On
i have found 5 things
1 s window, 2nd s that black lamp which s having only 2, then 3 s chair that sticker, 4th is that one arrow mark which s there at edge of the table,5th is next to 4th one, one small white cloth is there
i found 4, window,chair,that black thing in the table, there's a white something under the table..
a green cup in the window..thats different..
MOU anm
Adding to all tht, the main difference i see the Shade of Light...
I found 5 and photoshop confirmed it.
actually PS found the ~ear-ring~ xD I think thats why nobody has found it before
Mo Da
I Found 5 Differance, too
I found 4 differences
There are three more green peas in the Tupperware on the left :-P
There's that green thing on the left? And the line going through the black thing is longer and it changes color on the right.
More than 4 differences...............:)
roi joe
only two i found....
Nat Zol
little white thing in the right lower corner under the table
found it the green thing on the shelf
smthng in d window is missing
- 4 difference
1. Chair
2. Window
3. Table Shadow
4. Knives near bowl.
Whit Line on the Black portion of Wall
- 4 difference+
I found out its photoshopped........
yes in the window n d chair
one of the pictures is photoshopped and the other is not!
1. Green glass on the window
2. White line on the chair
3. Chair texture
4. Black spoons
5. Something white underneath table
6. Left Earing
the green bowl, line in the chair, plastic spoons,
found it... The right pic has 1 grey hair.... ! :D
I see five right off.
Does the double arrow of G+ on the bottom right corner on the image counts :D
hey i found 1......the green bowl up at the top
I found 5. left pic she has on a earring, the bowl in the window, the chair, the end of the table is different and there is a serving spoon missing.
I found 5 differences: white piece under the right side of the table, white strip down the middle of the chair, 3rd black spoon on the middle of the table, something green in the window, and her hoop earring.
Spoon, window, chair, table leg and her ear ring
I found 5. Anymore?
Joe D
I found 157! Oh sh** I forgot clean my screen :P
the bowl;sher and her ear ning and the 1 knif isissieg
I only found 3 without help from these comments, and with those help I see 5, I now see announcements of 11 and 7, but hey. I'm done lookin
will tell 4 more after my break...
its the jello! :)
bowl, knife, shadow below table, ear ring missing. different smile, tooth blurred, I am not sure if she has eaten little of everything.
1.Bowl in the window
3.Lid next to main bowl in the middle
4.Gap from chair under the table
5.Strip on the chair
the middle blue plate and the one beside it (the black) one is open, one is not. The pole behind the woman, one is full, one is not. The lamp, one has green, one does not. The bottom of the table, one has a scratch, one does not. Last is on the woman, if u look on her right ear, one has a earring and one does not
actually, on the bottom right hand side there is a light part in the left pic, and none in the right pic
ventana y silla ( windows and chair )
ponga da mokka pasangala . these like thing ve already saw in our LKG itself...
theres no difference to me. both seem to be in the kitchen which is all i care about
the chair earring window under the table the black bowls
i got 5! ... her hair, black serving spoons, light under the table, chair's decoration, window,...ammm anything else?
i found 4 difference
the difference z quite clear....
i found 4 differences (chair line, plate on the wall, ear ring, black spoons at the center of the table)
I also found 4(light,chair,black plate,in front of right side one..)
I find 4 differences.
in the window, under the window, earrings, and a black bowl
window !! green thing is not appear.
laa vela, , el tazon verde, una cuchara negra, son los faltantes en al imagen
no glare underneath table, line cuts off on black thing, green bowel in window
wtevr evan said is right but there is no continuation of line beside the table which is in blue,n the girls ear ring
thats it
Jackie K
the green bowl and the wall
Jed Ree
The thing above the seat is green then all white.
show me also ..... you i had seen only 4 where is the 5th once
ok nvm probadly just 2-3
chair the black saucers the green bowl
green bowl..earings ,the black in the table,the light in the table and chair.....
got it?
#5000!!!!!!!!!!!!   the left photo has a green bowl in the window
and, see the chair,spoons next to the salad. U not 500th i am. LOSERS
i can only see 2 the bowl on the wall and the blackboard thing on the wall down the bottom
earing, stril thing in background, green bowl, spoon that all i see
there is nothing in the window above in the second picture the first one show a green container
The earrings, the chair, the window, and the black serving spoons on the table
1. painting/window on wall,  2. spoons, (on 1st table its 3 and on second its 2), chair.
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