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Oh, she can TAKE ME DOWN anytime!
Blame on all those who thought that women were helpless.... yo... look at the coordination!!!!!! hilarious! Multiple+
is she hiding? bet he challenged the main character and the other girl just got scared... =]
actually - she could've broken his neck in the last step.... a short moment of bliss and then .... well.... paralyzed from neck down. is this a fake?
+Fatemeh Haghighi - sure thing... only thing is... if he's not her sparring partner, then he's at a great risk of suffering serious injury of the spine.... is that worth it?
ok, it's staged... he cooperates perfectly - avoiding the mildest chance of injury... of course...
girls are better than boys ....... this proves it that girls can defend themselves better...
WUaaau!! genial!!
+rhia gupta - remember: he's cooperating... who's better now? we're standing on equal grounds I'd guess.... ;}
ok... now I got it... he actually helps her to clamp him.... FAKE!
if you look close enough... nevertheless.. great message! ;)
U guys just jealous that he gets his face between a girls legs :-P
+Sree Ram Asokan - nonetheless... it's all a show or Maya. Holy cow? Very much appreciate Hinduism (just for the case)..... but - to cite Monty Python - "now to something completely different ;]
What kind of self defense is this? Jujitsu?
Great technic, but lack in speed. In real fight, her opponent can reacts faster before she lands her legs to the neck.
ashi ladki ki lene me bahot mazz ata hai
Thats some Bourne Identity s@#$%, you go girl.
If he just hit her first these actions would be useless. Life is not a movie and bandits aren't just standing and waiting for your karate dance.
fake! Notice how he helps in the final move
That is like self defense plus partner dance.
B Ashar
oh my god....
This combo: left, down, right + A
...hurricana..Lita did this wrestling move (amongst others)...boy, i miss Team Xtreme
buenísimo, eso fue en un programa de televisión en el canal mega, desmostración de defensa personal :P
SHE IS A HOT GIRL TOOO!!!! WHat's her name??
Please see many times carefully you found
it is not real [this is make move (drama)] because girl is
his girl friend & Man is teacher of girl
It is more like dancing or kama sutra move. girls, don't think you're going to have such a supportive gentleman if it comes to a real fight. Just kick him in the groin ,,, lol!
Prem V
Dimitrov said it.....Ha Ha Ha....!
beaten up by a girl!!! fuck yea! looks like they planned the whole thing.
wow is that a robber shes beating up or a training master
Fhadoooooo fight..........
I think that only women & really weak men should have guns, people now are fucking weak when it comes to hand to hand combat.
Samu S
that wasn't even cool... i have seen MUCH better moves. That guy is N00B or he plays. I would kill that bitch easily.
i want to do that to someone i hate
Oooh thats gotta hurt...
-- у нас в колледже эта тема знакома многим, поэтому некрепкие преподаватели не выдерживают и быстро увольняются..
take cameron diaz out n put her in in "Charlies angels". O.O
lol that aint no self defense...that is straight up abuse XD
just time i will beat with you
i think if this WAS real this fighting sytle would be capreioa or a brazilan fighting style
she is amazing. GIRL POWER she gets like 1 million cool points
go girl you kicked his arse and takalani yes thats possible i have done karate for 8 yrs
that me if u try to kidnap me
i will kill you
i wanna learn how to do dat :D
i need to watch this like a hundred times 2 sec later this is boaring
Girl defeats a boy...shame fr a boy. Girlzzz rocksss in wrestling tooooo
head-scissors it
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