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Have you ever experienced this? ++++
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Equivalent to that one step that's a bit higher than the rest and you almost trip and fell on your face.
And this is why mankind made elevators ;)
I have and it has killed my back for a few minutes after that jolt.
So many horrible, scary, worse, deadly times ever.........
especially when i'm thinking of something during my way to downstairs..
I wouldn't call it a heart attack, but a sudden funny feeling inside, then yeah.
Bina Y.
so many times :(
Bina Y.
omg yess.. i just had one today.. :P
ya exactly true.. that happnd mine also..
Isis Fu
yes yes that hapenes all the time :)
Bina Y.
haha ppl i can relate to :P
Isis Fu
i always freak out and i stumble and its embarassing especially when its in public
Trip up the stairs not down the stairs !
Isis Fu
heh heh nice.
Yes I did experience that. does that get you used to the main one ?
Isis Fu
wow nice. I do something called watching my step :)
It happened to me when i was starring at a girl...Luckily i didn't fell down with my face first,but that caused the gal to smile little bit..
Isis Fu
heh heh well atleast you got her attention
I always do that! especially stepping off a stage! i have done it at all except one performance i've done :D
Isis Fu
nope. your not alone
in my apartment itself, but now i got practiced to it
Or when youre going UP and think theres one more step...
dume ass people not making all the steeps the same siz ><
I hate when that happens! Especially if I end up wearing my cup of coffee as well :-/
that happened to me last week!!! litrelly
Yes i had expereinced it long ago!
yes, one of the most pathetic safety violation; uneven step sizes. Not just hieght even width. They come at least expected places.
LOL that happened to me today 5am its confusing when its drak
Omg! How funny cuz that even happens to me on even pavement haha!
yes and also in my dreams jajjaja
It happened to me except it wasn't on a set of stairs it was on uneven sidewalks and sprained my foot!
the feeling is so messed up. Feels like u have one
leg shorter so funny ;)
It's real, what a laugh!, tks.
bui ha
vâng, i did experience that. it so many scary
Followed by the rolling and tumbling down if you gave in to the shock.
Add the FULL after success to be success full - F - follow your instinct
U- unlock your inhibitions
Look and sort all options
Love life.
I like short path....
yup, over at my gf's parents house, there's a step just like that before you go into their section of the house. lol.
yeh!!! all most the time!!!!!! nice 1
ive got dat only 5 tmes bt its a demo of it!!!
S Olsen
always bahahahah!!!!!!
Every time I've stepped off my side porch in the past 4 months. :S
Yeah! hahaha..same goes with lifting a pitcher that you'd thought it's full but it's empty!
way too many times!! :D
what kind of person who create that kind of stairs, i hate when that happen to me
Have you ever experienced this? ++++ s,i had xprncd,wat?+++++
yea, I hate it! I'm just, like, WTF!
Steph M
Scariest. Moment. Ever. :O
hahahah. kayi baar experience kiya. sach me sanse ruk jati hai. hahha
hmmm it happends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
yeah but that mini heart attack becomes nightmare when it happens in the dark :p
yep yesterday, at a dirt staircase, and it had just rained.
who did a drawing of my front steps without my knowledge?!?
yahhh that was'ly before..damn so really ache..ehhehe
add Funny Pictures & Videos to circle they said...
it will make you laugh they said...
Ye knw da feeln.does fl hahaha
There is not a person alive since the invention of stairs that hasn't experienced this.
Twisted my ankle. Out for 2 weeks.
I have. Problem is i have bad feet. My only choice now is a below the knee amputation
That awkward moment when every is asking you 'are you ok mate?' And deep inside they are laughing!!!
omg i just did that going downstairs to get water :/
Totally ridiculous!
I haven't tried that, but I have tried there being one more step than I expected, or one less. Both are quite painful really.
...misplaced step, public overpass, rolled down the remaining 8 steps, imagine the hilarity..
Alex W
Oh yes, this reminder hurts!
Amy R
Yes, and it's usually in front of people LOL
Oh yeah. And try this when you are stoned.
Especially when I'm talking to someone while. Walking
Yes! Such a good description!
On cruches for 3 months.
i despise thinking there is another step but there isn't
Had to laugh. That happens on seemingly flat ground.
lol, that happens tooo much to me
dear god, how many times have i had this happen to me!
hahahhahah had this moment many times...
+Andrew Avantgardian Have you any prob. with me ..? This is my ID and can do whatever i want ... and yeah you can also post these type of comments if you want... i have no prob.
no, but I miss when I hit a good scare, and then my ankle gets the bad part
OMG!!!! i hate when tht happens
Yes. But only in dreams , where I get up immediately after getting afeeling of sliping from a staircase.
Lol! Yes usually happens to me when i'm on the phone and not paying attention...crazy feeling!
just one very simple picture, you need not to describe it, and then suddenly you got hundreds of responds !. What a smart picture it is to share with, what a beautiful brain god gave us to catch its messages, thanks to smart guys who enable hundreds of people all over the world share their feelings together at the very same moment. INCREDIBLE
yup of coz especially m sis wil focus bt she will sudden fall on the staircase.. tat make funny...i aso hv done tat...hheehhxxxxxxx....
@jonathan db, ha ha ha ha ... on lara aka laura ... ha ha ha with just 4 simple alphabets (liar) what an expression you've made. ha ha ha ha gotcha 
@jonathan db, ha ha ha ha ... on lara aka laura ... ha ha ha with just 4 simple alphabets (liar) what an expression you've made. ha ha ha ha gotcha 
Yah. Happens sometimes. :P
Don't come to Uganda, it's full of traps like that.
This never happens. When is there a step that is randomly twice as big as the rest of them. It's when you are going up the stairs and expect one at the top or when going down and expect another step when it is really the last one.
It is only truly unexpected when it never happens...
Saud -M
It happiness to me a lot and it ruins my Prestige :p
Yes,whenI've gone to edge of the step,and missed the next few!
and the freaked out expression on the face lol
Loi vo
Lol always!
This hasn't happened to me, it's going upstairs when it does I usually go for an extra stair and it's not there
Happen to me all the time :))
The heart attack is often followed by a tongue bite.
Usually happens when I'm walking upstairs and I forget what I'm doing.
I've never had the chance to step on a dotted line before,,, I'll keep a look out though
yep just the other day.. Broke my foot!! No Bs.. have pics to prove it.
Reminds me of "the kick" from Inception.
yah so many times

i hate my self when i deop dawn cuz of that
Vee A
YES, I totally have. Or when you see the line on the floor from the corner of your eye and think its a step, so you step hard?
yeah i have experienced it quite a times.
Kim B
Too often!!LOL
Yes! Always happens to me! Just did it the other day ended up jumping 2 steps 
Ok Ain
i love that feeling! Its awesome!
Many times. So many it's like I had a real heart attack.
Jesus Christ, the ones I hate the most which I also think it's dangerous are the ones in the tram. Deadly fall than heart attack.
LOL, yes...only I've done it stepping off of a dadburn curb.
omg i cant breathe when tht happenes
Yes I have and on the serious side this is why steps should be built to code with an industry standard that specifies riser height and tread depth
hahaha yes. i once fell down a whole flight of stairs doing that
hahaha yea when dat happens im like omg!!! wheres the floor!!!!! den ur foot feels weird wen u finaly step on da ground x)
It's the same thing when ur going up the stairs and think there's one more step and fall on your face :P
yea i fell up the stairs doing that x)
C Mck
happins all the time bro
You don't know how many times. Yay 500th comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that happens alot to me, it feels like every organ in your body goes up and u go down
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