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Reality of Fear.....:
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I am not afraid of falling, but landing is a big issue.
thats why i wont have friends... i cnat trust naymore.....
I have fear to deepth water..
Or.......Why dogs are more popular than marital partners.
Well, with falling, it's that you're afraid to hit the ground....
B Ashar
after reading tht, i realized thts true with me...:)
This is sooo fucking true! I just realized that haha :) ya im boss :D
Very true. I have another I liked as well that I wanted to share; F-false E-evidence A-appearing R-real
true.......... real saying.... infact every fear has some strong backgroud....
Your not afraid of spiders, your afraid of OH GOD! IT"S A FUCKING MONSTER!
Not afraid of falling. Thats the best part. In middle school I used to sit on the edge of the bleachers and scoot over until I fell off, kept doing that till my side was numb, then go to the other edge and fall till my other side was numb.
Every human's psychology ... and truly comes at all. :)
really meaningful ...................
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